Kublacon Report: Robotech!

Strike Team: Zentraedi Hunting!

 Max Sterling had hunted in the asteriod belt before. The Zentraedi liked to attack with a mob of battle pods led by one larger Glaug Officer Battle Pod in each group. That's okay. The chaos of an asteroid field suited his squad of Vf1 fighters just fine.

Warning lights lit up across Tracker's console. " Watch it team-incoming missiles! Zentraedi warpods spotted in the asteroid field!"

Two USN Strike teams have been sent out to the asteroid belt to find and defeat any Zentraedi battle pods. The rules used are Mecha! From 7th street games. the combat is Mecha! is fast paced fluid and three dimensional, actually using 3D flight rules, giving you the simulation of the action, pace, and drama of Japanese animation giant mech combat! 

Kublacon Game Report: 

This year at Kublacon I went way back to my roots. Mecha! was the first set of rules I helped write and publish with a gang of my gaming pals, when most of us were still in college. When we wrote the rules, we always wanted to play Robotech/Macross- but Zentraedi pod models, even with access to Japan town hobby stores, were rarer than hen's teeth and very expensive if you could find them.

Flash forward to today, I got a scad of models from the ill fated Robotech Tactics Kickstarter- and ran my dream game at Kublacon!

First turn- missiles acquired from across the table! 

Zentraedi were hiding in the asteroids with the objective of capturing intel from the base

The good guys! 
My players were well versed in Robotech, and did as much roleplaying as gaming, throwing out qoutes like," I rolled a 1 because that pineapple salad was bad".

Zentraedi make it to the base, and have to stay 3 turns to download the intel.

Max Fokker comes in from behind and causes great havoc!

Typical of the shows, Rick Hunter scored a lot of hits, and took as many too- but Max Fokker stole all the kills. Lots of smack talk- just like the show- ensued!

Behind the movie magic! 

Pilots looking as handsom as the show!

Over all the game went really well, especially since I have not played the rules in over a decade!  I'm going to tune down the Zentraedi armor a bit, and add more of them in for the next game so we have more boom!

Thanks for taking a look!