Kublacon 2018: Breaking Lances Tournament

I usually run two games at Kublacon, one each Saturday and Sunday mornings through the afternoon. This year I ran my ImagiNations on Saturday (see last blog post) And my someday upcoming Breaking Lances game on Sunday.

Young knights and... full aged, enjoy Breaking Lances

Herald's eye view of the tournament.
Stalwart Veteran gamer Ms C has been gaming with me since age 5

 The tournament had 12 players with double elimination. 4 of the players had jousted before, and definitely had a bit of a home field advantage- at least at first. The rest of the players caught on very quickly and much splintering of lances and sundering of dice was made.
The left side charges in faster than some can reach

I've added foot combat to the rules.
Finalists with High renown skills doing deadly damage at each pass
The tournament went very well, with the last 3 knights having levelled up their renown skills making them deft with a horse and deadly with a lance. To round out the finals a "wild card" knight was picked.  Having only one renown skill point, and not the best luck at reading his opponent, he was very abruptly schooled. The Winning knight was, I believe, 9 or 10 years of age.

For those knights who got knocked out of the joust early, there was foot combat across a barrier- a new thing I've added to the Breaking Lances rules, which tested pretty well over all (phew)!

I really do "heart" the Kublacon staff!

Thanks again to all those who came to play, and also a big shout out to the staff of Kublacon, who are always helpful, happy and know what's what! 


ImagiNations: Battle of Woodenstadt

ImagiNations: Battle of Woodenstadt

Kublacon game convention this year was a hoot, seeing lots of old friends, making new ones, and running and playing games. Saturday I ran a Wars of ImagiNations scenario using my 54mm woodens. For rules I used highly modified Warmaster rules... probably to the point where I can, with a few  key changes, have my own set of rules that work best for this period and scale of game.
Usually I pick a half a dozen pics to show; I couldn't really narrow it down this time (and I'm still a bit... okay a lot sleepy from the con) so you guys get an eyeful. Hopefully the hit the spot. 

Birds eye view of the table. Up here is where the coffee is located.

Veteran sheep holding the center

Forthwegg forces and allies surround the city

Empress P's troops, led by Baron Fossmeisterhaus attempt to break the siege

The scenario:

The Forthweggian army and it's allies have encircled the town of  Woodenstadt, which is desperately holding out against the siege. Empress P has ordered her Marshall, Baron Fossmeisterhaus to lead her army and break the siege, and has taken her coach to directly oversee the battle. 
Cavalry advance on Forthwegg right and left flanks

Objective- capture the hill And that cool shirt!
Cavalry charge near the woods. Much carnage!

The counter advance!

Baron Fossmeisterhaus advances the army, much to the chagrin of the sheep.

obligatory group shot.
Forthwegg troops decided to take the initiative and were keen on capturing the Empress' coach as well as herself.  Both flanks of cavalry charged in as the infantry made a somewhat haphazad advance.

The killing fields. Actually the guns missed more than hit in this battle.
Forthwegg forces make a final push with their reserves.
Final Outcome: Woodenstadt saved!

As the battle raged there was much carnage, but the Empress' army made a big push through the center and ended up surrounding Lord Marshal Wiley of the Fortwegg army. Woodenstadt was saved! 
Marching over the killing fields. Oh the woodemanity!
The Empress is happy. 

It was a great game, with wonderful players. I think we started around 10:30, and had come to a full conclusion (and 11 or 12 turns) by 1:30pm.   Thanks again for all that played, or came by and said hi!


Triumph of Death: Horse Archer Sneak Peek

Another sneak peek at my upcoming Triumph of Death II Kickstarter,behold the mounted horse archer!
Concept work
  My original aim with this one was to make Pestilence, one of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but once we got it all sculpted up, I realized that it would make for a fabulous rank and file model- and I've not seen many if any mounted undead archers- except maybe for that one plastic arm you got in the old Citadel/GW skeleton set of yore.

Horse and rider are separate castings

The dashing and handsome Drew Day Williams did a whiz bang job converting my concept scribblings into a great sculpt. 

That's all for now- I have to get back to all the things needing painting still for Kublacon next week.



ImagiNations: Coach and horses

Please Sir, rest here, in my coach...

I finished up my first coach for my Wars of ImagiNations line. This will hit the table/battlefield at Kublacon in a few weeks.

I'm fairly happy with the whole set up, and paint job. I worked hard on getting a "round" effect on the blue, but now that I see the pictures, it looks too subtle for me. The next one I'll really build it out a bit more with the color.
Baron Fossmeisterhaus salutes the Empress' Grenadiers.

This coach was a project I started over three years ago, and am happy to see it go from a sketch to finished piece. Next I'll make coachmen for it.. Hopefully not another 3 year project :)

If you are around in the Bay Area for labor day, I highly reccomend Kublacon game convention, where I'll be running a ImagiNations game as well as a Breaking Lances Tournament!



ImagiNations: (laser)Burnemwood

Woods and Shrubs and stuff

Kublacon is in a couple of weeks, and between a very busy work load, working on my next kickstarter and two commissions, I still need to get my stuff done. This years ImagiNations scenario needed more woods, so I designed up and cut trees and shrubs.

Trees in the "woods" area are removable

I used almost a stain type style on the main tree bits to give it a more light catching feel. The grain coming out on the leaf area is a great happy accident.  After taking these pictures I realized that the base green isn't working for me, and I'll repaint it to match my game mat more closely.
The "Fighting Cocks" regiment march through the woods.
That's it for now- back to the painting table!



ImagiNations: Coach painting WIP

Gilding the lily here

Super busy at work and getting ready for Kublacon- including finishing up this coach for my Imaginations game. Which of course is why I'm spending way too much time doing NMM gilding work on the details.

Stage 1 undercoat of GW Snakebite Leather- the old formula

Stage 2 adding Vomit brown as the base

Stage 3 using P3 Scaborus Yellow for highlights

 Painting NMM Gilding- because I'm crazy! 

My goal for NMM is to create something that looks more like 18th Century print colors than true metals.

 My colors are As follows: GW Snakebite leather (hard to find these days) for the base, GW Vomit brown for the second layer and P3 sulfuric Yellow as the highlights. Vomit Brown is the perfect base color as it's value is neither warm or cool, but can take on the properties of both depending on what is is working with. 

As I have done this over the last 5 years the companies have all changed up their formulas on colours: to that point I've added a bit of scale colors brand Tenere Yellow to my Scaborus to lighten it up a bit. You will note I even number them so I can find them easier in my messy paint rack! 
Note the numbering- because I lose them!
 Why not just use metallic paints? 

Actually painting metal paints on my Woodens doesn't always look the best because the metallic bits don't always have a curved surface upon which light can catch and reflect things, or rather sometimes it can pick up the grain of the wood, which is not always optimal for something like a gun barrel. That being said, I do use it, but put down a layer of underpainting first.