Fort McHenry Project: US infantry officers

US Infantry Officers: 1812

More exciting work on the Fort McHenry project. I really enjoyed doing the research and painting up these officers!

I have the mounted versions made up and ready to cut. In the mean time I'm finishing up 24 volunteer troops.  After that I have some civilians, then back to the ships- Very exciting to see this coming to completion- even though I am a few months behind schedule as to where I'd like to be.

The fellow on the left is the Volunteer uniform.


Killer Rabbits: Flayed Monk Greens

Drew has finished sculpting the last stretch goal piece for the Killer Rabbits Kickstarter- the rabbits flaying a monk-

 I love the wide eyes on these guys, like they are really looking around to see if they are going to get caught!  Drew really nailed this one, and it will be interesting to see how it paints up.

Drew is a trained professional- don't try this at home!

Now they all get sent off to be master molded. With luck I should have some preview casts in hand in a few weeks.



Duke Siegfried Memorial Knights and Magick Game

Rocking it old school

The Duke Siegfried Memorial Knights and Magick game was a huge hit. There were miniatures on the table that have not seen battle for 2 decades, and others that I finished at midnight last night. Still love these rules- but man what a slug fest!

Drew and Brian realize they have two very powerful wizards that make huge dents in the human army

They brought an undead dragon !

The scenario was pretty straight forward. The undead had taken this village last year, and the local Baron ( played by my Wars of the Roses Warwick mini by Front Rank) and his retinue were coming to try and take it back, helped by some dwarf mercenaries. 

Redoubt miniatures Reiters

The "Baron". Painted circa 2000

Knights and Magick rules system works on a matrix where you cross reference the weapon used against the armor of the target and get a number, which you then roll a D15, aka a D10 and a D6 and must score lower to gain a hit.
Sharp shooters. We classed the muskets as long bow, and they were quite effective

The last of the cavalry is swarmed

The hordes  close in on the Estallian mercs

Morale plays a big "old school" part int the game, with pre charge checks and counter checks for receiving. Higher morale also gives you +'s to hit, which really made a difference for the Humans.
( the alive ones, anyways)

Epic end of the movie shot of the bats.
 When we called the battle both sides had been mauled and had lost their generals. The undead forces were mostly on the run or were being cut down.  All in all a fantastic day. Thanks again for my friends for coming and playing, and my fantastic wife for being a super hostess.


Fort McHenry Project: US Regular troops

US Regular troops casting big shade over the British

Been working hard to bring the Fort McHenry National Park commission to a close. Definitely gaining steam, and only have one more unit, some officers and a squadron of ships to go!

These 80mm wooden soldiers represent the US regular troops that helped defend Fort McHenry during it's bombardment and siege in 1812.

These guys were a bit of work, but a joy to see them finished. I am still trying to figure out why I thought that painting non metallic metallic was a good choice :)
 Next up are 24 of the volunteer regiments that fought along side the regulars. I've actually got them about half done on the painting table, and have to say adding red is a nice break from all the blue.

Volunteer and Regular infantry


Dungeon Delves: Rust Monster

Found: Stray Cat...

In between my commission work I get to finish up a miniature or two as a "treat". Both of these guys have been sitting on my painting table for about a year in a stage of half paintedness. It's great to get them finished and off the table- and soon, into a game!

Rust Monster

This particular rust monster was a backer reward from one of Westfalia Miniatures fantastic kickstarters.  The dwarf is an oldhammer GW figure. I forgot how much fun it is to paint dwarves!
All rust red was not showing the details of the model, so I added the Verdis gris.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!  Those of you that come here more often than not will notice I finished the light box back drop as well. More on that soon!


Dungeon Delves: Umber Hulk

Umber Hulk's gotta Umb!

This fantastic resin cast Umber Hulk is from Westfalia Miniatures Kickstarter I backed. I actually have backed all of their kickstarters as they always have really cool stuff and fantastic turn around times.

Please curb your dawg!

Old hammer Citadel Paladin takes action!

This guy was actually a quick paint up, as I had some tan Army Painter spray paint which I used to base him. A few washes intermixed with some dry brushing, then picking our a few details and he was done.

I have a couple more of the Westfalia monsters on my table and can't wait to get them all painted up as well!


Fort McHenry Project: British Officers

British Officers on foot, 1812

I'm gaining ground on the Fort McHenry commission project! This week I finished up the dismounted and mounted British officers, designed the US volunteer units and have the US regulars mostly painted. Here's some pics of the British.

British officers, mounted 1812

That's all for now- back to the painting table!


Killer Rabbits: New Greens and Stretch Goals

Rabbit attacking helpless monk Vignette unlocked for everyone!

Stretch Goal Mania!

As we come into the last 7 days of the Killer Rabbits Kickstarter  things have steadily been climbing into a grand crescendo- with 4 stretch goals unlocked and a fifth one almost there!

Remember stretch goals are rewarded even at the lower $30 tier, so that's an awesome deal!

But wait- there's more! 

 I've also added in an additional pledge reward incentive- When we hit 250 Backers (currently 217 at the posting of this)  everyone gets some cool wee rabbits and snail for their basing and, erm, making earrings or other cool things!

Thanks again to everyone who has  taken the time go give feedback, encouragement and of course Backing!   It's going to be an exciting week!



Fort McHenry Project: US artillery batteries

US Artillery

I'm a bit behind on my Fort McHenry commissions- especially cataloguing all the stuff I've already done. Was able to be home with daylight this weekend so got some shots of these artillery batteries.

the uniform is a pretty straight up blue jacket, single row of buttons, with yellow trim. The belgic style shako with a slightly broader top than the British can also be seen.

I had a great time researching these uniforms, with the ever patient help of the Park Rangers at Fort McHenry.

Next up British Officers, Ship hulls, and US volunteer/ irregular troops!


Killer Rabbits: Greenz!

The Killer Rabbits Kickstarter is now on it's 7th day. We funded in the first 45 minutes and are currently pushing hard on the 3rd stretch goal unlock! Drew "El sculptor" Williams is jumping in wtih all paws and started the sculpting on the pledge extras and the first two stretch goals. Here's a peek at the unlocks backers get at different pledge levels.
Rabbit piper- I love the animals on the pipes!

Rabbit with great sword- and counter balance ear action.

Rabbit with crossbow- a challenge with no opposable thumbs!

Like the main rabbits in the Kickstarter, each of these are inspired by medieval manuscripts.
I personally am hoping for rabbit trebuchet!

Thanks for keeping tabs- I'm really looking forward to building a Dragon Rampant gang out of these guys!