Kroglog Tracker and Ploogs

A Kroglog tracker scans the wastes for his prey

 Kroglogs: a brief history

Kroglogs are known across several quadrants as some of the best big game (and sometimes bounty) hunters.  One of the many keys to their success are their highly skilled trackers and their ploogs.
Cute but deadly! Ploogs can stun large prey with their psyonic blasts

Poisoned barbs protect them from being grabbed and eaten.

Ploogs are gruff little creatures, who's origin only the Kroglogs know- and they aren't telling. Possessing thermal infravison and being able to bark out a psyonic blast that could knock an elephant off of it's feet, they usually run in packs, flushing stunning large prey for the Kroglog hunters.  As cute as they are, to pet, ploogs have  neurotoxin poisoned spines on their backs and sometimes in the males, on their heads.

Trackers often use war paint to match and bond with their ploogs

A good tracker is never too far from his bag of ploogy snacks!
 To be a tracker in Kroglog society is akin to being a rock star in the 70's both in fame and in possibly quick life span.  They wear their title by adorning their bodies with "war paint" markings similar to their ploogs. This is both for boasting, and presumably for bonding.

Trackers always carry a satchel with a homing and calling box and an ample supply of ploogy snacks, as one does not want to have hungry ploogs hollering in one's brain for food.

Gaming with Kroglogs

I love these Astropolis miniatures from Lead Adventure, and will be using them to play Galactic Heroes from Wiley Games.  I  may also try to sneak them into a GW game or two as my Kill team. 


Killer Rabbits: Size counts!

Killer rabbit tucked betwixed two Old school minis

As I am working on the imminently arriving Kickstarter, I realized I needed to get some size comparison shots. This led me to realize I get to paint up a rabbit for said shots!

New School: Iron Mask Dwarf and Westfalia halfman as models.

The Rabbits measure 18-23mm depending on pose and ear position, making them fit in between halfling and dwarf sized, depending on the maker.
Had to get a plug in for my own Triumph of Death Skellies
These guys are super fun to paint- I spent about 20 minutes painting up this archer rabbit (sans base). He is the start of   my bidowers for Dragon Rampant

That's all for now- back to commissions and KS set ups!



One Day Build: Command and Colors City Hexes

5 inch hex "city" marker for 6mm Command and Colors

One Day Build:Aspern and Esslin-ish

Well, its convention season again, which means that one of my gamer friends comes to me with a " hey- can you help me make this- like before the con?!" Request.  Don't tell them this, but I actually enjoy these challenges, both as an exciting break to what I'm doing, and that I get to help them out.

On my end I challenge myself on how quick I can flip the request. This was basically a one day build, ala Adam Savage. This particular project was to create a series of hex squares that have a "city" in them to represent Asperg and Essling  for a 6mm Napoleonic Command and Colors game.

The Challenge: 
Create 9  5 inch hexes with representative buildings which can accommodate command and colors stands on the hex.

 The Build: 
 I already have a cache of "stage flat" style buildings from a project that I worked on with Jay Wiley of Wiley Games    which I used as a starting point for making the buildings. I then scaled them down to a 6mm-ish size and made templates on how they would fit and slot into the bases. This worked out to one main longer center piece and two shorter side wings.  Once I had that all figured out, I made some quick variations and then got to cutting.
Not optimally layed out, but remember- one day build!

Buildings are Birch ply, with MDF hex bases.

28mm White walker for scale!

Assembly and Painting:

I pre-painted the MDF with a couple of Rattle cans mixing a Krylon moss green and Army painted Desert sand (?)  to get a bit of variation.  This saved a lot of time especially drying time if I had painted them with brushed on paint.

The buildings are slotted so assembly was just glue in place. Before I did that though I looked on line at some cool period buildings, or models other folks had made, and then went to work getting a paint theme down.  As I would not have time to paint them all, I wanted to create an easy to follow set up that would hopefully read well on the table.   Here are the paints and inks I used.
The color swatch was for my friend to take. I ended up also giving him some ink as I had a spare bottle.
Painting these is very quick and easy. The first step was to pick an angle from which the sun was coming and stick with that. I chose kind of an 11 oclock as the angle. First I painted down the roof colors, then went in with Agrax Earthshade and added shadows across the buildings and on the roofs (once dried) . Next grey was mixed  in the with some blue grey (AV dark sea blue) to create "slate" colors, or to add a stone color to some walls or buildings. the light tan/ unbleached titanium (actually called Menon White Highlight, a P3 color) was used to add highlights to the buildings on edges, cover up some sins from over paint, and added into the roof colors to bring out a bit of dimension.

All told, a set of buildings took about 15 minutes. For fun I added some green to one of the buildings.

A more painted in scene. This was the first set.

A half done version, needing highlights.

Another angle, showing off my Elite Hussars
And yes they stack for storage! 

 This project took me about 6 hours from start to hand off. I only painted 2 of the 9 sets, so figure had I had time to do them all it would have been another couple of hours to maybe complete them. Okay,  call it 3 hours because you know I'd keep fiddling on them, and I didn't do anything to the backs!

I am keen on seeing how they turn out on the battlefield, and look forward to pics from Pacificon!



KIller Rabbits: First Casts

I uses Taimiya's x-19 smoke to put a glaze on them. Brings out details for photographs.

I received the first master casts of the Killer rabbits this week and quickly threw a glaze on them to take a few quick pics.  The models are smooth, super clean and full of mischief! Drew Day Williams does it again with his awesome sculpting talent.

I've some rabbits primed up and have them on my painting table. so keep posted!


Fort McHenry Commission: Marines, Sailors, Gunboats and Ships

British Colonial Marines

Gaining Steam

Fort McHenry commission work continues apace and is picking up steam. These past two weeks I was able to design, cut and paint up some Colonial marines, as well as paint up Royal marines, sailors, a naval officer. On the ship side I designed and cut (and built) gun ships with 4lb cannon, and got the hulls for three frigates cut. 

Colonial Marines

During the first two decades of the 19th Century, escaped American slaves formed a military cadre called Britain's Royal Navy Corps of Colonial Marines.  Although they were of African descent, and many were formerly enslaved, these troops received the same training, uniforms, pay and pensions as their Royal Marine counterparts. 
First cut test of the Colonial Marine

Painting Afro American/ Caribbean skin was a fun challenge on my woodens

Royal Marines

Stalwart troops in any fight, Royal Marines played a part in the siege of Baltimore. 

 Hey Sailor! 

You can't have a navy without some sailors. These guys were really fun to paint up as they have a lot of individuality and personality. I may go back and give a couple of them striped trousers. 

British Naval officer leads the way

Gun Boats

These gun boats are a scaled down version of ones I created a couple of years ago for a Wooden Wars battle. It took a bit of finagling, as I wanted to make sure they could stand up to usage over the years, and I am happy with the results. These are a representative scale to be used on a large map for teaching the flow of the battles.

Complete with crews 

Frigate Ship Yard

The Frigates and gunships are coming along. Here you can see some hulls being built in the layers. I'm designing the masts and sails to be slotted and glued in so I can pack them easier for shipping to the Fort. I'm also giving them pretty sturdy bases for stability and to protect the models.

The hull of these Frigates measures 350mm.

You can see the layers here. with stern castles she'll be 18 mm wide.


Hippity Hoppity- Twhack!

Killer Rabbits Greens!

Got to review Drew's sculpts for our Killer Rabbits KS before they went to the caster and take some pictures. These guys are 28mm scale- erm rabbit scale, which means roughly 20mm to the head and another 3-5 for ears, depending on the pose. 

Hopefully I'll have some back in a week or two in metal to share.


Night Folk Goblin Thug Guy

Goblin Thug guy on a laser cut 30mm base

When you get a delivery of one of those miniatures which make you drop everything else and paint it up! I love these Northumbrian Tin Soldier Night Folk!

Such a fine looking fellow
He's got.. hit points- lots of hit points.
  Standing 40mm tall, or 50mm to the end of his two handed mace, this fine figure of a Goblin who's dad "may" have been an ogre  will be used as a mini boss in my upcoming D&G campaign (Dungeons and Goblins) Where the players will be goblin types.

This guy was really a treat to paint- inspired by both the model and the outstanding paint jobs that Andrew Taylor did for the company. I doubled down and bought a bunch of both the night folk and the whole goblin set. You should too!


Fort McHenry Comission

US Regular infantry and British Marine


 Something I’ve been working on for a while, but can now happily announce; I have been awarded a commission by Fort McHenry National monument and Historical shrine to create a suite of 1812 period soldiers, civilians, ships and guns which they will use to teach visitors about the siege of Baltimore as well as other battles. 

This is a really cool thing, and I am honored to have been approached by Ranger Andrew Frantz for the commission.  Because of the scale of the project, I have pushed back my next Triumph of Death Kickstarter until later in the fall. I will however be co- launching a small Kickstarter in about a month.
Here are a few pictures of work in Progress- stay tuned for more! 
British Gun ship- a converted Frigate