Breaking Lances: Dundracon Tournaments

A few knights getting in warm up passes before the tournament

Tournaments Ho!

All the knights ready for action.

This past Saturday I ran a 10 person tournament using my somewhat soon to be published Breaking Lances rules at Dundracon game convention. It was well attended with over 18 players signing up! This is a real coup, as DDC is mostly a role playing and board game con, with lots of LARPing going on around and in between.

Folks from the Society of Creative Anachronism in garb playing- Cool!
A grand shot of all the ponies!

A shot with yours truly explaining the rules

Great shot of knight, Plotting shield, and Tilting tray for tracking "won" dice

With the amount of players I kept the first rounds single elimination, with a couple of players held back for bi rounds and outlyers. Everyone got the rules in the first course of their jousts, and I think fun was had by all.
Our Tournament winner! 
I totally forgot to get the name of the winning knight- no doubt some noble that was slumming at my tourney, but remember he won with a score of 6 points higher over all than the 2nd place opponent.

Sunday's Tourney

As Saturday's tournament went so well, and there were many that did not get to play, I opened up the lists for Sunday as well. This table had 3 jousting runs, and cycled through 12 players in all.
Sir Brion- Sunday's tournament winner

When can I play Breaking Lances?

Good question!  This tournament weekend proved to me that not only are the rules working, and the added layers of complexity (such as the optional "flourish" rule) can be added or subtracted with  no hitches, but that folks actually want their own knights and set ups. The only changes that came from the weekend was a clarification on a "Favor" you can win, and upping the crit severity when you get really bonked on the head.  Yay!

I had a lot of folks as if I was going to make this a kick starter. That would make a lot of sense and get good press, but I think that I'm for now just going to get it ready for launch on my webstore. The rules are now in the hands of my editors, and I have enough toys to take good pictures for the rules, so now it's really a matter of time on getting all the ducks in a row. Luckily most of this part is out of my hands, as my Triumph of Death Kickstarter coming out soon, causing a bit of juggling of my time

So, stay tuned, if you really can't wait for a release I'm happy to sell you sets of Breaking Lances ( I sold 11 "pre-launch" sets at Dundracon), send you a beta version layout of the rules  and post you the real set when they come out. just ping me and let me know.

More Pictures of Dundracon!

For lots more pictures of Dundracon, including more of my game and an awesome refight of Pickett's charge, swing on over to my pal Jay's Wargaming Madness Blog

As always, I look forward to your feedback


Breaking Lances: Pavilion WIP


 Pavilion WIP

With my first official Breaking Lances tournament happening this weekend at Dundracon game convention, I'm frantically creating some "set dressing". I drew up and cut this pavilion last night and seeing how they paint up tonight. Based on a couple of period manuscript pieces.

Very rough WIP shots, and some of the inspiration.

 Since I know me pretty well, I imagine I'll be doing some variations. 
Back to painting...


Triumph of Death: Death Plays a Hurdy Gurdy

 Death Plays the Hurdy Gurdy

This is the first of my musicians for the Triumph of Death line up. The hurdy gurdy is a popular instrument in several European regions throughout the Renaissance, and when well played is amazing to hear. Other times its musical timbre has been likened to two cats fighting in a bag full of rosin. Needless to say, it had to be in the range!
 If you've never heard the hurdy gurdy played, Guilhem Desq is an amazing intro. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

my concept sketch of the mighty musician

A woodcut ( Holbein?) showing a hurdy gurdy. 

Pike Conversions and stuff

Careful- sharp!

I recieved 5 pounds of casting this week, and have started up a couple of painted units, plus sent a few "review" models to friends to paint up. While going through the excellent castings I did find a few miscasts on some javelins, so decided to convert two of them into pike. I am so happy as to how these turned out that I may have the javelin model reworked to be open handed, so we have options.

You'll put your eye out kid!

 So- yeah. Note the awesome premade pike I'm using. I think I got them from Warlord many many moons ago. They are really nice AND really sharp. While working on these guys I bent down to pick up a model on the painting table and stabbed myself just above the eye on a pike! as I moved my head up the model and the film cannister half full of weights came with, and I had to pull it out, drawing some blood. Another half centimeter and I'd be telling you guys how I lost my eye to a pike.  Needless to say, dear reader, file down the sharp bits on your weapons.  Maybe I need to make a pike advancing model to save my eyes... Hm...


Triumph of Death: Carrying a Torch for You

Two officers patiently wait for the S'mores fixin's

ToD Torch Bearer

Adding to the list of command models for my upcoming Kickstarter is the new torch bearer/ standard bearer. This model is a blatent homage to the wonderful Minifigs models of yester-yore.  He'll be one of my standard bearers for my upcoming Triumph of Death minis line, and dear to my heart as an Iconic skelly.
I'm figuring on doing different color fire for unit I.D.
Taking shots in different light settings, to see what looks best.

Armored Commander

These pics are a bit over exposed. need to figure out my lighting better

Love this guys casual but in charge stance.

This stalwart gent is based upon the Holbein woodblock "Death and the knight"
After doing a couple of concepts with him holding a lance, I opted for the flamberge sweihander.

I'd love to do this as a vignette someday. Maybe a stretch goal?

My concept, from which the talented Drew Williams worked. He's a miracle worker!

  A Question of Scale

I've been getting questions about scale of the models. Here's a pretty comprehensive review with companies doing late medieval and Renaissance or other undead. If there's a mini you'd like to see scaled with, or even a full unit,  just put them in a bubble wrapped envelope and send them over to me :) As you can see below, the models work well with most all ranges, and measure 28mm to the eye similar with GW, Copplestone, Maurader, Steel Fist, etc.  I'm really excited of having them with my LAF Breugelbergers!
The goal was to have my ToD line really work with many groups
Minifigs true 25mm next to ToD. So cute!

The Breugelberger is immense, and beautiful. May just have him commanding a unit of ToD


Triumph of Death: Halberdiers and officer

Three poses of doom!

Undead Halberdiers

The first casts of my Triumph of Death undead showed up a couple of weeks ago and I've finally had time over the weekend to paint them up.  My caster Steve Phillips did a masterful job on the molds; the models were so clean I had little to no clean up to do. And the sculpting by Drew Williams is inspiring! I'm nearly peeing myself with excitement to start showing these guys off! 

Ranking up. These are on single bases so the back rank feels a bit far away.

Beauty Shots

While I work towards getting my Kickstarter up and running near the end of February, I've been taking some "beauty shots" of the models, and will be "eking" them out over the next few weeks.
Here's the Halberdier in march position.

Note that the halberd has an historically accurate rectangular haft instead of round.This was done so that when you whacked something the pole-arm didn't spin as easily in your hand and the blade glance off.
some excellent examples of halberds, many with rectangular shafts.

Undead Commander the First

 This fellow is based off a mash up of a Holbein woodcut and a Durer piece. It wasn't until I added paint to him that I fully realized the details in the sculpt. Super fun to paint! (okay, the hourglass was a challenge, and I'm not totally happy with it).

The emaciated leathery skin is actually really easy to paint.

That's all for now. would love any feedback you have or ideas on the line so far.


Breaking Lances: The French Connection

Hot Fleur on Fleur Action!

French Knights

As I get closer to having my Breaking Lances rules finalized (I both bless and curse editors) I've been working towards getting more variety in the choices of knights that will be available. These two are prototypes that will merge into the final model.

A three quarter view shows how challenging it is to make contact.


 Le Chevalier Azure

This design is actually a coat of arms of my good friend Stanislas. I've changed the colors of the charge to protect the innocent. (and in case he owes anyone groats).

Blue on blue was a fun challenge.

The inspiration for this knight's colors came from the Fantastic mind of the late Angus McBride
(in other words, I stole it from this painting)

Le Chevalier Blanc et Noir

This fine fellow is closer to what the final model will look like. I strengthened the Fleur- de- lys and simplified the design some, to make it easier to read and paint. The color scheme is from the Codex Manesse, but I couldn't find the source page to show you.

After looking at the pictures I'm going to bump up the contrast on the white caparison and mantle.
Both knights will be in a grand tournament I'm running at Dundracon Game Convention in February. Come by and show your jousting skills if you can!