Mad Maximillian 1934: the Rennfahrer Autowerks V12 "Sternschnuppe"

The Rennfahrer Autowerks V12 "Sternschnuppe"

Go for Speed! 

I have a Mad Maximillian game coming up next month at Pacificon, which is lighting a fire under my exhaust pipes to finish up a couple of cars (and a track). 

Behold, the "Sternschnuppe".

The Build

I started with a die cast Audi model car, and tore it down, added some epoxy for the nose and cut the fins out of styrene. The windshield is from a minis blisterpack. 

changed out the pipes, as these made the car look too much like Dick Dastardly's

Tore down. Pay no attention to that red heap :)

Ready to Race

Here she is all ready to go next to the Victorious Marmon 500. 

See you at the races! 

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