Robotech Playtesting!

Mecha! rules, the first published rules set I worked on
Kublacon game convention is next week, so I've set up my Robotech game in our work game room for some playtesting. I've not played Mecha! a rules set I worked on like 29 or so years ago (eesh)
so I need a refresh. And you know some game balance tuning might be good.

Zentraedi ambush side

Ace Pilot human side 

The scenario is as follows: Reports of Zents have been spotted in the asteroids near a secret human research facility. Ace Pilots are there to scout, flush them out, and engage.

 The Zentraedi's objective is to get one of their command pods onto the facility and download the specs for the new Human Destroids and learn their secrets.  Should be a fun battle.

Stay tuned for more! 


  1. You certainly have captured the look!

  2. Wow, Mecha. I haven't seen this game going since I was in the Army.. like 30 years ago. I even still have my copy! Might have to break it out since I have the Robotech mecha now to play it with.