Galactic Heroes: Kroglogg Hunting Party

Kroglogg Rogue Trader Captain, and Entourage

Kublacon game convention is this weekend and my pal Mike is running a big, BIG GAME HUNT scenario using the awesome Glactic Heroes rules by Wiley Games.  I've built out a full set of the Astropolis Krogloggs from Lead Adventure miniatues for my "Rogue Trader" force.

The, erm, man himself.
I love the detail and character in this miniatures, and they are a joy to paint. Disclaimer- I actually started paintng these guys last summer, but got  loaded down with other more pressing projects- so it was really nice to have a "game goal" to get these guys done. Nothing like a deadline, eh?

Hunters with spotter 
Kroglogg hunters with spotter- Known for their marksmanship and large caliber blasters.  Each hunter adorns his suit with red markings boasting of his trophies. 

As a player, this is what I'll see most- so thought I'd include this picture

psiporgs, as deadly as they are cute!

Kroglogg trackers are known across the galaxy for being the best at handling the deadly psiporgs. We are not sure if the warpaint is to bond with the creatures or for survival.
the offspring, eldest son...


Hunting is hunger making. 

When I first started painting these guys, I was looking to African art and animals for inspiration, but  then on Friday movie night we watched Monsters Inc, and I knew what I had to do.

Cheers, thanks for taking a look. Do you have any Lead Adventure miniatures?


  1. Awesome-looking paint-jobs. Those colours are stunning vibrant. Great work :-)

  2. These are fantastic! I might need to steal that warpaint idea.

  3. Nice looking figures. Is Mike's game the Boarding Action at 10 on Saturday? I've got a bunch of scifi figures that I have been using for the Galactic Heroes games that I have been running at the South Bay Game Club.