Killer Rabbits: Size counts!

Killer rabbit tucked betwixed two Old school minis

As I am working on the imminently arriving Kickstarter, I realized I needed to get some size comparison shots. This led me to realize I get to paint up a rabbit for said shots!

New School: Iron Mask Dwarf and Westfalia halfman as models.

The Rabbits measure 18-23mm depending on pose and ear position, making them fit in between halfling and dwarf sized, depending on the maker.
Had to get a plug in for my own Triumph of Death Skellies
These guys are super fun to paint- I spent about 20 minutes painting up this archer rabbit (sans base). He is the start of   my bidowers for Dragon Rampant

That's all for now- back to commissions and KS set ups!



  1. It was great to see them painted and looking so amazing! Helpful to see them beside other figures. Can’t wait for the kickstarter and good luck with it when it comes.

  2. Thanks Tradgard- They paint up really quickly and nicely!