Kroglog Tracker and Ploogs

A Kroglog tracker scans the wastes for his prey

 Kroglogs: a brief history

Kroglogs are known across several quadrants as some of the best big game (and sometimes bounty) hunters.  One of the many keys to their success are their highly skilled trackers and their ploogs.
Cute but deadly! Ploogs can stun large prey with their psyonic blasts

Poisoned barbs protect them from being grabbed and eaten.

Ploogs are gruff little creatures, who's origin only the Kroglogs know- and they aren't telling. Possessing thermal infravison and being able to bark out a psyonic blast that could knock an elephant off of it's feet, they usually run in packs, flushing stunning large prey for the Kroglog hunters.  As cute as they are, to pet, ploogs have  neurotoxin poisoned spines on their backs and sometimes in the males, on their heads.

Trackers often use war paint to match and bond with their ploogs

A good tracker is never too far from his bag of ploogy snacks!
 To be a tracker in Kroglog society is akin to being a rock star in the 70's both in fame and in possibly quick life span.  They wear their title by adorning their bodies with "war paint" markings similar to their ploogs. This is both for boasting, and presumably for bonding.

Trackers always carry a satchel with a homing and calling box and an ample supply of ploogy snacks, as one does not want to have hungry ploogs hollering in one's brain for food.

Gaming with Kroglogs

I love these Astropolis miniatures from Lead Adventure, and will be using them to play Galactic Heroes from Wiley Games.  I  may also try to sneak them into a GW game or two as my Kill team. 


  1. Oh Tom these are great! Love the fluff as well. I made mine more docile, and able to be bullied around by bad guys for adventure hooks.

    1. Airborne- thanks, these guys just tell their own stories. I can't wait to actually get them to table top some day! Would love to see what you did with yours.


    2. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-X9-beHH00rQ/WZjzxHv5bUI/AAAAAAAAFa8/im2GY9bZDVEZn7OORaxM1CMjgL_tZEvvwCEwYBhgL/s1600/Page_2.jpg


    3. Oh man- those are great- and I love your township set up. Very inspiring!

  2. So cute and so dangerous!

    1. Phil- exactly. I patterned their fur off of Scully from monsters Inc.