Mad Maximilian: Captain Terror rides again!

 Captain Terror:

Just completed my second vehicle and driver for Mad Maximilian.
This one is an homage to one of Speed Racer's chief nemisis-es... and the leader of the race car acrobatic team, Captain Terror.

One mean dude

When building the car, I reflected upon Terror's visage, and the guy looks like a burn victim, with that rictus grin, so the car had to have flamers!

My pal McGraw, when seeing that I had laid out all my parts for the car and had flamers, Double Dog dared me to make them forward facing. Well evil can't just pass up a dare like that- so I made them 180 to fool everyone (and probably burn myself up during a race at some point).

The Captain! 

The making of a race car villian:

This project started as a Stuts Benz, that I scored off of Ebay for a decent price. I took it apart and stripped it down using Jasco paint stripper- the exact same stuff we use in my family to strip paint off of big cars. Caution when using it- wear two pairs of rubber gloves and glasses- you don't want to actually look like Captain Terror.

Fresh off the factory floor.

the original "DIP"

Ready for a rebuild.

  With the spare tires removed, there was a built in set of ports on each side. I ran a brass wire through them and bent it at 90 degree angles. These would be the pipes for the flamers.

 Once I had the car ready to rock, I watched a few episodes of Speed Racer (I heart Youtube) and did some research. This toy car is a good replica of the Cptn's vehicle. I used it as my inspiration. Those pipes "do" look like flamers...

  After I figured out the car and how I wanted the flamers to work , and had color scheme, I needed a driver.  Taking the body from the Eureka driver I had, I took a head from one of my Triumph of Death minis, and did my best to sculpt a cape. The feather was from a mordheim plastic sprue of days gone by.

I love the way Eureka built the big period steering wheels onto their drivers

What's Next?

 I've already made turn templates to lasercut, and worked with McGraw to create track templates, from which to lay out tracks to test. I've got a couple more vehicles already started, but need drivers- so keep posted race fans!



  1. Oooooooo ... sexy! Great stuff Thomas ... looking forward to seeing this game in action :-)

    1. Thanks Jay- need to bring it over for a game at your place. We can use your new terrain matts


  2. Awesome colors, wonderful job!

    1. Thanks Phil- lots of fun to create. I have to get a line on more drivers- or get my own sculpted...

  3. Outstanding conversion/paint-job!! Absolutely love it Foss1066 :-)

  4. Replies

    1. thanks Michal! It's fun to be inspired by your childhood tv shows.