Warmaster: Romans are not quite Legion

I've totally forgotten which legion shield I did here...

10mm Romans

So... I actually bought these beautiful minis from Steve Barber when he came to an Origins show in California, around the time my son was 2. This month my son turns 11... ahem... and started painting this particular unit around that time.

After finishing up a few cars for Mad Maximilian I was looking for another 1 weekend and done king of project. Browsing the Face books, I saw Saxon Dog was back to painting Romans, and my mind clicked.  I'll finally restart doing my Warmaster ancients armies!

Legionary and Auxillia that I painted in... October? 

These will be used with Warmaster, which should surprise no one that has read my blog. I'm basing them a bit differently; instead of traditional 20 x 40mm bases, I'm using 30 x 40mm. This allows me to be a bit more "diorama" with the models. Romans will be more ranked up, whereas my Briton/Celts will have a more open horde look.

Bases are color coded for clarity.

I really love painting these Steve Barber minis- they have way too much detail for 10mm figures, and I am compelled to match the work that the sculptor put into them.

Next on my painting table are two units of Celts, for parity. Eghad 10mm tartan!



  1. Stunning job, especially when we know they are 10mm...Awesome!

  2. Nutbag! Lol. They look great!

  3. Wow those are really nice. Some of the best I've seen in this scale.


    1. Thanks Kevin- the minis have a lot of great detail in them.

  4. Wow those are really nice.