Anglo Dutch Wars ship Prototypting

3rd rate Anglo Dutch Wars ship

 Meanwhile in Fosslington ship yards...

I've had some time this week to do more prototyping on a project I started last year- 1/300th scale (6mm-ish) Anglo Dutch Wars ships
larboard side showing parts

Starboard side and parts, as well as base
 My goal for this round of prototyping was to figure out how many parts the model will be, how they separate and assemble, and then the thing I've been kind of dreading, the masts and yard arms. 

I'm going to call this a half victory, as the masts are all in the wrong place, and the yard arms are not working the way I want, and would be quite fiddly and fragile.
After building this out, I've got a cunning plan to change them. I have some other projects that take priority, but it was great to get a day to keep pushing this idea. 

Painted Lady

Why make these ships? Two reasons- I've been working on rules for fighting this era, and they are basically giant floating bling cakes! So much fun to paint. Here's an example of the larboard and stern castle. 


  1. Ingenious, and I like the phrase "giant floating bling cake".

    1. S- it does seem to fit, doesn't it. Thanks for the support on this crazy ride. The more I get into it, the more I learn I don't know about ships of this period. :)

  2. I was like I dunno know... and then I saw it painted, I like it. I see photo etch brass sails in the future!