Galleys Guns and Glory!: Turk and Malta

Knights of Malta and Turkish galleys

I am in the middle of several projects at the moment, non ready for camera- or that I can reveal. I was digging through some older folders and found these pictures of a commission I did last year. These ships were done for On Military Matters, a book and game store on the East coast that carries my Galleys Guns and Glory! line of ships and rules.
Turkish galley with crew markers
Knights of Malta galley, showing smoke marker and crew markers

Nothing fancy here, just good examples on how a few colors and the flags, awnings and a bit of rigging can produce a handsome gaming model.

 Lastly I took this image to show how to paint up crew markers. I always give you extra for each ship, because I lose things. Also a great way to experiment on different color choices. Or new buttons for your favorite gaming shirt.

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