Warmaster Siege: Towers and Mantlets prototypes

siege tower prototype and mantlets
For our next upcoming warmaster siege, I am thinking some towers and mantlets would be a big help. Especially since I will be the attacker...
These are first pass WIP pattern cuts to get shape, size, and thoughts on assembly. 

Scale is based on the Original Warmaster siege tower of which I have one, but scaled up a bit to fit the castle walls made by Michael, at Supreme little Designs. I also widened it a bit since it never made sense to me that the 40mm base was too big for the tower. 
Erm- pay no attention to the rest of my painting table...

wheels look right. They will be glued onto a solid "strip" of wheels for strength
Gonna make the gang plank door much longer, going to the top of the tower.

 This has a long ways to go, but it shows promise. If this works out well, I will be able to offer these up for sale. 
 Lemme know what you think? 


  1. Excellent! Always nice to have a laser cutter in your garage! :-)

  2. Looks very nice, creative and impressive job!

  3. Looks great, and of course having it actually fit the bases is a big plus!

  4. The 10mm warmaster siege items look great! I hope you sell them in your store!