Triumph of Death now up for sale!

I'm happy to announce that all of the Triumph of Death line of miniatures from the first kick starter are now up for sale on the skull and crown store! www.skullncrown.com

If you belong to any Face Book group or other gaming site that I do, you will hopefully be inundated
with my adds and blurbs for the next few days. 
Thanks again for dropping by- and a Very Happy New year to you all!  I am as always humbled and inspired by all of you dropping by from time to time and I love your feedback. 
until next year, I remain your most Obd't Toy Maker, &c


A shot from "take your kid to work" day


  1. Excellent looking figures! I see on the website you also ship to Europe?

  2. Ahoy Phil-
    Yes, all the time!