Mad Maximillian: The Marmon Meteor

Guido Veloce in his Marmon Meteor 500.

 Like squirrels on crack, my game group has fallen in love with yet another game. This time it's Mad Maximillian, published by Mana Press and sold through Eureka Miniatures.

May I present Guido Veloce,driving his Marmon Meteor 500,equipped with a Big 8-125 horsepower engine. And light auto cannon- and ram blades. Standard stuff in Mad Maximillian. 
light auto cannon to clear the track

spinning blade ram plates, because homage's need to be filled.

I had to jump in on the action, so scored a car on ebay and went to work. Before I hit that buy button, I knew what theme I wanted to do- one of my favorite shows as a kid was Speed Racer. It had to be done!
Zeppelin eye view

This is the view you should get used to!
 Historical Context
(from Wikipedia)
Marmon Motor Car Company was an American automobile manufacturer founded by Howard Carpenter Marmon and owned by Nordyke Marmon & Company of Indianapolis, Indiana, US. It was established in 1902 and was merged and renamed in 1933. They produced cars under the Marmon brand. It was succeeded by Marmon-Herrington and later the Marmon Motor Company of Denton, Texas. The name currently survives through the Marmon Group of Chicago, Illinois.

the 1911 Wasp
Marmon won the first ever Indianapolis 500 with the Wasp. They were also the first car company to have rear view mirrors on their cars. Quite a bit of cool history


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    1. Thanks Phil- it was amazing how hard it was for me to convert the beautiful race car. That being said, once the dremmel was out, I was all in!

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    1. Jay- I've found a new jam for your crew!