Warmaster Siege: the Butcher's Bill

MVP unit!

Warmaster Siege Day 4 and final count: After three more turns of assaulting the castle and obliterating the rest of the Empire troops that sallied out (to their doom), the Orc commander decided to leave off the siege when he realized that 4 goblin units and 2 orc units were all that were left, half of which were missing at least one stand. To top that off the Balrog (giant) was critically wounded and would have at least one cannon trained on him next turn. It was a great game, and although we didn't count up official army points the butchers bill was 23 orc units and one officer down, Empire was 10 units (mostly cav) and an officer.
Hand gunners watch the last of the sally force go down
 MVP went to the crossbow unit over the main gate who slaughtered one unit of orcs, drove back several goblin units and did 3 wounds to the Balrog! 
The butcher's bill, Empire

This is a shot of the whole Orc army. It lost about half again these numbers

Now we set up again, and I get to be the attacking force. Time to make some siege towers... :)


  1. Splendid units and walls...waiting for siege towers!

    1. Thanks Phil- I have an original GW Warmaster tower that I'm using for a template. I'm going to laser cut a set out, as well as mantlets and ladders. Stay tuned!

  2. lol ... it ends! Crossbows are deadly ... someone should have told Gandalf ;-)