Warmaster: the Great Siege- Day 3

Orc Army's Right flank attacks

The Great Siege-Day 3 (turns 9-11) 

The Orcs and goblins managed to make it to the south walls, while the balrog pounded at the door trying in vain to smash it in- and losing half it's hit points to wizardry, crossbows and handguns. On the north side of the castle the ever ensmallening sally force takes the brunt of the attack. Their only hope is to weaken enough units before going down, AND bring them into firing range from the castle walls.

The Balrog beats at the door, and takes 4 wounds for his troubles

Goblins storm the walls but are repelled twice!

The few units left in the castle get ready for the balrog

 9 dice worth of attempts to bring down the castle wall via stone throwers and magic from the wizards tower fail each turn (whew!)

Repelled goblins. the line is getting thinner

Commanders do the stare down thaang

At this point in the siege the invading force still has enough to take the castle, especially if the giant and the orcs get in. Another day and we should have a final outcome. 


  1. Excellent. Has to be the longest running game of Warmaster in history ;-)

    1. Possibly- we are doing a few turns during lunch- and not really tracking fully the damages till afterwards. Stay tuned for the thrilling finale!