Kublacon Battle Report Part 1: The Pikeman's Lament

Captain Pickwith's "Pokers" regiment clear the center amidst heavy fire.

Kublacon Battle Report:

I had the great pleasure and honor to run two games this past weekend at Kublacon game convention- hands down my favorite con of the year here in Northern California. The first game I ran was a scenario of dashing pluck using "The Pikeman's Lament" rules by Mssrs. Meresy and Lanke. Two sides, each consisting of 3 Captains and their regiments were racing towards a carriage inn off the beaten track. The goal; rescue (or capture depending on which side you were on) a parcel of letters written by a certain Dutchess to a certain Duke, that was not in fact her husband.

Fun Rules! I give them 4 out of 5 wigs!
Each of the 6 players commanded between 2 and 4 units and had at the lead a Captain model portraying them. The Captains all had cool traits and each had at least 1 mission, such as " you must duel" in order to garner more honor points.

The rules played well, and everyone got into the swing of things really easily. I was a bit worried that my 54mm woodens being multibased would be an issue, but it never even came up.

Peep's fighting Cocks regiment.

 The Right Flank: A duel is fought

During the beginning of the game both of the Cavalry regiments came together, with Schlager's Trotters taking casualties from Captain Dumas' Dragoons.  This prompted a challenge (Schlager had a mission to duel) and the two officers met in front of their troops.  Each rolled 3 dice with parrying and thrusting all around. Dumas got the better of Schlager- who did not at all live up to his name by rolling 3, 1's, and that was the end of that! Dumas horse charged and after a bit of a scuffle, routed the Trotters!
Dragoons give fire

The Duel! More wig than fight

Captain Dumas salutes his vanquished foe.

The Left and Center: The Dutches' Regiments break through

On the center and left the Dutchess troops were advancing with great valor and giving a stern beating to BlackStone's company of Foote who marched bravely to meet them. Blackstone managed to actually get the letters from the inn, but during the battle was dropped by a lucky (or unlucky) shot and the letters were lost in the scuffle. (no doubt to be found in the post credits scene by some ne'er do well, setting up the next battle).

Oh the Woodmanity!

Radcliffe's Rods give What for to Blackstone's company of Foote

All in all good fun was had, lots of ribbing, 4 officers hors du combat, and much honor gained!

Painting Contest: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

So, I entered my Triumph of Death units in the painting contest and managed to get bronze in the Masters category! This is my first time in the big kids circle, and I feel really blessed and honored to get such a cool trophy. Gold medal winners are the guys that go on to Crystal brush. Gonna have to really step it up for next year.


Triumph of Death: Procession

Kickstarter update and Kublacon!
Before we delve further, I want to thank all of you that have already backed my Triumph of Death Kickstarter! We've hit 115 backers and unlocked 6 stretch goal rewards so far- and we are only half way through the Kickstarter! I've got great stretch goal rewards in the wings, so if you haven't backed yet, or know someone who loves landsknechts, or skellies, or both, please visit my Kickstarter. 

This weekend I'll be running two games, The Pikeman's lament (using my 54mm imaginations woodens)  and a Breaking Lances tournament. If you are at Kublacon please stop by and say hey!- I'm giving out free samples of my triumph of Death minis!

Procession of Death

I've had some time this week to get the first castings of the Stretch goal rewards minis painted up and based. These are now part of the "collection of death" backer reward, which has already been claimed.  Thought I'd share a few pictures.

Some fun personalities to add into the collection!


Based upon a cross between an old Minifigs model and a Holbein woodcut, this guy is either carrying trophies or reinforcements. Just don't let him get behind you then dump the basket!

The Priest

The priest miniature is a straight up riff off of a great Holbein woodcut. One of the things that interested me in the wood cut was that the priest is wearing a hanger. And that storm lantern is awesome!

Hans Holbein's the Priest

Relquary: The Fisher King

 This model was inspired by Holbein's work, but is a machination of my own mind. My sculptor Drew Day Williams saw my drawing, and decided to sculpt it. I'm really glad he did!

fish lips
The drawing that caused this to happen. 


Triumph of Death: Death Rides a Painted Pale Horse.

  Painted Death

I've had a chance to start putting paint on the master casts, and am exited as to the results. These models are pretty easy to paint up and give a lot back in terms of detail.
Super happy with the mounted death!

Musician with Horn

This guy, based upon the Hans Holbein print is the first model to wear his burial shroud in a fashionable way. We researched the horn and made it as accurate as possible from a period piece.

So much attitude in this guy- especially for having no lungs!

And a group shot!

Kickstarter update!

Well, we are one week in and I'm happy and thankful to report that the the Triumph of Death Kickstarter is over 900% funded! We've unlocked some great stretch goal rewards and there's more to come.  Please go check it out
Triumph of Death 


Triumph of Death: Master Casts

Mounted Death with two arm variants

Kickstarter update

Thanks all for backing the kickstarter so far. We've already unlocked several stretch goal rewards and are on the verge of another- with (currently as I type) 89 backers in just the weekend. That and funding in the first 70 minutes of the KS- well, I am agog!

Master Caster: straight out of the mold

I want to keep as ahead of the game as possible, so I've gone and had more of the greens master molded. Here's some pics of the latest pieces. Sorry for the hurried pics but I scrambled to prime them- and they are all on my painting table as I type, in various states of done. (to be shown soonly!)

Trophy hunter or Reinforcements?
Horn musician taken from the Holbein woodcut

Several of the KS Stretch goals are unlocks of variations in the unit make up. This javelin thrower wearing the shroud is one of them. 

When it comes to reference, Holbein, Durer, and Breugel pretty much are setting the standard. There was very little I needed to do for a concept to get the priest done other than give Drew Day Williams the wood cut image. From there we worked out casting points, such as the hangar sword connecting to the bell arm, and off we went. Love that storm lantern! 

  Not all concepts are from the old masters. This is a creation of mine that I've been drawing since college. Not sure what it means but I really like the image. Drew saw it and secretly started sculpting it. It has instantly become one of my favorites!  we are classing this one as a Reliquary.
I have taken to calling this the fisher king

Thanks very much for checking these out. If you are interested,here's a link to my
Triumph of Death Kickstarter. 



Triumph of Death Kickstarter Launch Date!

I'm very excited to announce my upcoming "Triumph of Death" Kickstarter launches Friday May 12th! 

A true legion of undead.

Every idea or mad scheme starts with a back story...

The first miniatures wargame I played in was an epic battle between a Renaissance skeleton army and Romans run by the notorious Alan Lucien. The miniatures were old Minifigs models from the late 70's or early 80's, with stylized Romans and a fantastic undead/skeleton army. They were possibly the first skeleton minis ever made and modeled after Hans Holbein's Dance of Death, or "Totentanz" renaissance wood block prints from the 1500’s. They weren't the best sculpts, but man - did they catch the essence of the period. Those skeleton hordes and that "Totentanz" style stuck with me like a first crush. Older than Oldhammer, my bell had been rung!

Hans Holbein's Death and the Landsknecht

I've always wanted to recreate an updated line of minis in the Totentanz style, but never had the sculpting chops to pull it off. Last year I became friends with an amazing sculptor, Drew Day Williams, who shared my passion to create a range of 28mm skeletons in the vein of Renaissance artists like Holbein, Dürer and Peter Breugel. This is how the "Triumph of Death" (or ToD for short) range of miniatures came about.
A detail from Breugel's " Triumph of Death". This is what we are making!
The goal of Triumph of Death is to create a line of Renaissance-inspired 28mm white metal undead skeletal miniatures for collectors and for use in RPGs and table top wargames. In a word, Skeleton Landsknechts!

skeleton marching open hand, with javelins and coffin lid shield

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that I've whet your appetite!