Triumph of Death: Procession

Kickstarter update and Kublacon!
Before we delve further, I want to thank all of you that have already backed my Triumph of Death Kickstarter! We've hit 115 backers and unlocked 6 stretch goal rewards so far- and we are only half way through the Kickstarter! I've got great stretch goal rewards in the wings, so if you haven't backed yet, or know someone who loves landsknechts, or skellies, or both, please visit my Kickstarter. 

This weekend I'll be running two games, The Pikeman's lament (using my 54mm imaginations woodens)  and a Breaking Lances tournament. If you are at Kublacon please stop by and say hey!- I'm giving out free samples of my triumph of Death minis!

Procession of Death

I've had some time this week to get the first castings of the Stretch goal rewards minis painted up and based. These are now part of the "collection of death" backer reward, which has already been claimed.  Thought I'd share a few pictures.

Some fun personalities to add into the collection!


Based upon a cross between an old Minifigs model and a Holbein woodcut, this guy is either carrying trophies or reinforcements. Just don't let him get behind you then dump the basket!

The Priest

The priest miniature is a straight up riff off of a great Holbein woodcut. One of the things that interested me in the wood cut was that the priest is wearing a hanger. And that storm lantern is awesome!

Hans Holbein's the Priest

Relquary: The Fisher King

 This model was inspired by Holbein's work, but is a machination of my own mind. My sculptor Drew Day Williams saw my drawing, and decided to sculpt it. I'm really glad he did!

fish lips
The drawing that caused this to happen. 


  1. Nice mix of pictures and figures, and great job, love the 'reinforcements' guy, excellent!

    1. Thanks Phil- it always help to see reference to things and what inspired the miniatures to take shape. I love process, to be sure.


  2. Wonderful theme. Kudos. Is there any cost-effective way to acquire multiples (6 to 18-ish) of the skeleton carrying the basket through the Kickstarter?

  3. Ahoy Robert, thanks for the kind words. I'm afraid the skeleton carrying the basket is a stretch goal reward, and not currently on the menu for sale. I will be putting up all the minis up for sale on my webstore after the kickstarter, but after a grace period.


  4. Thanks. I'll look for it.


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