Triumph of Death: Master Casts

Mounted Death with two arm variants

Kickstarter update

Thanks all for backing the kickstarter so far. We've already unlocked several stretch goal rewards and are on the verge of another- with (currently as I type) 89 backers in just the weekend. That and funding in the first 70 minutes of the KS- well, I am agog!

Master Caster: straight out of the mold

I want to keep as ahead of the game as possible, so I've gone and had more of the greens master molded. Here's some pics of the latest pieces. Sorry for the hurried pics but I scrambled to prime them- and they are all on my painting table as I type, in various states of done. (to be shown soonly!)

Trophy hunter or Reinforcements?
Horn musician taken from the Holbein woodcut

Several of the KS Stretch goals are unlocks of variations in the unit make up. This javelin thrower wearing the shroud is one of them. 

When it comes to reference, Holbein, Durer, and Breugel pretty much are setting the standard. There was very little I needed to do for a concept to get the priest done other than give Drew Day Williams the wood cut image. From there we worked out casting points, such as the hangar sword connecting to the bell arm, and off we went. Love that storm lantern! 

  Not all concepts are from the old masters. This is a creation of mine that I've been drawing since college. Not sure what it means but I really like the image. Drew saw it and secretly started sculpting it. It has instantly become one of my favorites!  we are classing this one as a Reliquary.
I have taken to calling this the fisher king

Thanks very much for checking these out. If you are interested,here's a link to my
Triumph of Death Kickstarter. 


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