Kings of War: Hand gunners

The Great Rebase-ining Continues

As work towards my upcoming Triumph of Death"late landsknecht" undead army to be ready for my kickstarter, I figured I had best have someone for them to fight against, so I've dug out my old renaissance army and started rebasing it.
Hand gunners  set up as troops so as to be flexible.
OMG how many shoes and stripped stockings did I hit with brown paint when basing these!

So- the kicker. I had "remembered" that these fine lads were all done and just needed to be rebased. What I soon realized is that in my zeal to field them, they had been painted to our gaming groups "3 color" rule, meaning that they had enough to look good on the field. A weeks worth of night time touch up and follow up, and they are now ready to rock official like!

 The over all effect of the rebase-ining is winning me over. :)


  1. Colorful and beautiful job!

  2. Looking good....I must admit I dug out a box of unpainted gendarmes and landsknechts with a view to getting them ready to face the skellies.

    1. Springinsfeld- great to hear it- more grist for the mill! Looking forward to seeing your troops

  3. Outstanding Thomas ... beautiful work!