Triumph of Death: First cast sneak peak

Front rank shields are coffin lids, like in Breugel's painting
Say, what are those unpainted fellows in the background...

And the inspiration from Breugel's Triumph of Death.
 Got my first casts for review today of the 9 figures currently sculpted for my upcoming Triumph of Death 28mm line of models. Couldn't help myself to quickly get some paint on one. Really fun (and easy) to paint up. Maybe next one I'll even let the primer dry. :)


  1. Figures to die for..... even the bases scream VFW Minifigs. When can I get some? Please do some shroud wearing priest types as well.

  2. Springinsfeld- thanks for the enthusiasm, and yes these are a total homage to the old and much loved Minifig line. I'll be kicking off my Kickstarter for these lads next month.As to priests with shrouds, they are on the list but not in this current group.

  3. Are these the same size as the VFW skelies, or are they actually 28mm?

  4. EY- Good question. My Skellies are updated size so 28mm from foot to eye(socket). This puts them on par wiht the GW plastic skeletons, and foundry Landsknechts.
    The VFW lads, of which I own exactly two from bygone days, are true 25mm from foot to top of head.

    I'll be doing some scale shots in the near future.
    Cheers, and thanks for looking!

  5. Fantastic...Great job!