Wars of the Imaginations: The Empire of Fundedburg

 “Put on your high heel sneakers, put your wig hat on your head…”
- Tommy Tucker, 1964

The Forces of Fundedburg!
Her Royal Empress Persephone’s army consists of battalions and regiments raised from the duchies,baronies and shires across her Empire. Because of this, uniforms can vary in color and even cut considerably. Some would also say that this would also be true in terms of the cut of the troops, but never to the Empress.

The bee and crown with a heart stinger is my Daughter's ( the Empress') Sigil

Splinterloo regulars painted by Stanley Stinnett

The infamous "Black cuffs" battalion

Another unit of Reds painted by Stanley Stinnett. Eventually these will form the next army

Major Maestro's battallion, painted by the talented John Sullins

54mm Wars of the Imaginations!
I had the great pleasure of attending Recruits game convention last week as the guest of honor, where I ran a couple of rousing Wooden Wars games, and also got to help run** a 54mm Wars of the imaginations game with Jaye Wiley (aka Baron Von J ofForthweg) using a variant of the Brilliant Simon Miller’s “To the Strongest” rules, which I quickly dubbed “To the Wiggiest”.
**By helped, I supplied the wooden forces, including one painted army and some wooden Terrain.

When I set up the pics for shots, the general surrounding lighting was more yellow than I thought, so there is an over all yellowish glow to all the pics. 

Grosenheimers Dragoons painted by the awesome Peter Grose

These guys passed the 3 color rule on getting them onto the table. still WIP

Officers of Forthweg!
As time was of the essence and I hand only just cut these officer types a full day before getting on the plane to Recruits, I asked Jaye what colors he wanted his officers (he said, in bold type, “Bright yellow”) so I scrambled to paint these up, finishing them at 4:30 am- a mere two hours before I needed to head to the airport- because that’s what we games do! 

Officers of Forthwegg

The officer on the square base managed to lose every unit he commanded

Troops for Sale?
I know I know- you are wondering, “when can I have armies of my own?!!! Well the truth is these guys still need some more tuning and polishing to get them shiny, as well as adding a few more troop types (such as Grenadiers) and officers with bigger wigs to the lineup.  I’m hoping to have all that squared away by the beginning of next year. More on this anon.


  1. These are great! How do I get me some?

    1. Anon- Thanks for the interest! These are still in "prototype" stage, but should be ready for sale at the beginning of next year. keep a weather eye on my blog, as I'll be tracking progress for sure!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jay- they were a lot of fun to play with, which we will do in the near future.

  3. Smaller than Wooden Wars figures but just as fun to paint. You've inspired me to paint the flat wooden buildings/ table decoration I've collected.

  4. Always great stuff! These guys look fantastic.

  5. Thanks guys- 144 artist- they really are fun to paint.

  6. Looking great, Thomas. Really nice to see this come together with the horse and guns now in the mix. Good call with the cavalry trooper, not to go with cuirassiers as the default style of rider. The guys in plain coats are more versatile.

    Now I see where you were going with the building block. Great concept, place a few of those, instant town !


    1. Steve- thanks for being one of my inspirations for this project- I'll be posting game pictures soonly