Galleys Guns and Glory! Moawr Lepanto

“They sail in badly made vessels poorly furnished with artillery, but they fight with desperation.” 

                                              ~ Venetian characterization of the Turks, Mattheo Cigogna, 1567

The Turkish Left flank crushes and envelopes the Spanish ships.

Battle of Lepanto:
I finally got the chance to go through the rest of my pictures from the battle of Lepanto at Pacifcon Game convention this year. Here, in semi order of the action is , erm- moawr Action! 

Fancy shot of the full game, ready for a magazine cover! 
Holy league left flank, mostly Venetian ships

Turkish right flank

The Battle begins
looking over my blog as well as others, I realized that in my non wooden wars games, I don't show enough of the players actually playing the games. I'm always too zoomed into the "action" when really the action is in the facial expressions and body language of the players. In my "younger" games I always show this- it is just as relavent and telling in the "big kid" games as well.
Confidant Turks and Corsairs
Both Fleets activating
Venetian Galleys mass fire onto the Galleass eventually sinking it
Venetian Galleass sinks a galley in one brutal volley!
The Scrum. note activation marker on right and "in action" die roll on left
Turks Center and left battles working towards the flank

Mighty Galleass  fires it's side guns
Ending moves
After many contested locations, gaps started opening up on the Turkish side which led to some effective flanking fire from the Holy league. Making a desperate attempt to capture the center and force a morale check the Turkish Flagship Sultana headed towards the Galleass in hopes to board and capture it. Alas the initiative went to the Holy league, wherein the Galleass moved in and fired all of it's guns at point blank range scoring 6 hull and 2 crew hits! The flagship already had 4 hull hits so was effectively cut in two from the gunfire. 
Morale checks all around for the Turks shown very clearly that it was time to cut and run. Game over!
End of the Battle-  Turkish Sultana flag ship is  sunk by the Galleass


  1. What an amazing looking game - so beautiful. Would love to put GG&G through her paces in such an event!!


  2. Spectacular game! The ships and table are amazing.

  3. A great looking game and an excellent post!

  4. Thanks guys- it's always a treat to see your projects all come together.

  5. Splendid, Thomas ! Fantastic looking game all around. Even the board with the compass, nice touch there. Love what you've done with the galleys.


  6. Great rapport. Love the range linear. Great idea.

    1. Thanks Bartek- I believe Angus is supposed to make range sticks for your Edinburgh club- so show him the picture and get him to work! :)

  7. Splendid game Thomas
    Have my first 4 ships painted, my friend received his last week and will start painting
    When will GGG be available (eargerly waiting)

    1. Ahoy Alex- Very excited to hear about your ships. Rules are at the printers and will be available hopefully next week- the one after at the latest. If you want I can send you a PDF in the mean time, as you have been so patient.

  8. This a great game! I've had several opportunities to play it over the last several months. The Rules are will written and easy to learn. The ships are well made and easy to paint and assemble.
    I look forward to playing many more games in the future.