Galleys Guns and Glory- Lepanto!

 “Wait- are those Janissaries on that galley? !”
- Soon to be captured galley captain, battle of Lepanto 

Pacificon Lepanto game! 

Pacificon was a fantastic success and a real blast this year, seeing several spectacular “Salute” level games across the weekend.  It was also the official debut of Galleys Guns and Glory!
With the help of Jay White of Flying Pig Games, we ran a large  Lepanto game featuring 68 (I think that was the count) galleys!  

Thanks to all who came out and played. 
I’m catching a plane to the Recruits Game convention in (literally) 3 hours- and just finished painting up what I need to run a game there; more on this later. Before I left I wanted to post a handful of pictures of the Lepanto game, because, who needs sleep! 

  I'll post more soon, with a full battle report-  but in the mean time you can click on over to Jay's Wargaming Madness  Blog to see some more pics as well as a great report on Pacificon



  1. Splendid, absolutly splendid!

  2. Awesome Thomas --- good luck at Recruits! :-)

  3. Thomas, impresive. Love your table, looks very nice and also 3 galeassas in action!

  4. Amazing! I liked the little boats with the dice: packed full of boarding parties, or a means of recording damage to the big ships? Looks good, either way!

  5. That looks absolutely astonishing Thomas. I love your mat. Very well done!

  6. Amazing looking game - what an epic setup!!