Pokemon Sword and Shield - and Impending Salute!

" I choose you..." 
                  ~ every Pokemon trainer...everrr

 Wee Sword and Board Trainer-

This Pokemon inspired shield and sword are a gift heading to a friend's 1 year old. I am trying to make these a "traditional" gift for my friends' children. This theme was inspired by the mom, who taught her daughter to say "pikachoo" instead of peekaboo!  Gawd but I love a dysfunctional art family!

Sword blade is Cherry with Poplar hilt and pommel.

The writing was my wife's clever inspiration.

On the work bench! Note my cool 1950's (?) pack of needles.
I bought my sewing kit 20 years ago from an estate sale.

Off to Salute! 

I'm scrambling to get everything in order before I leave for Salute in a few days- all the gifts I am bringing, orders I'm muling, and you know, things like underwear... I was hoping to run  a big Wooden Wars game there, but apparently the show was booked for games like a half year in advance, with 23 "stand by" games in the wings before I came calling. Maybe next year then!

My big goal for Salute really is to find someone over the pond with whom I can work and license my models- as shipping costs over to the U.K. and Europe are really crippling.  So if you know anyone...

I'll be over at Simon Miller's " To the Bravest" game as well as playing games with the Warlords, so if you happen by, I'd love to meet you face to face. I'm bringing wooden soldiers to pass out- so look me up! (I'm the one on the left of the picture)

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  1. Nice picture of the motley crew there, Thomas. And thanks for posting your work bench, it helps ease the guilt about the clutter on my own. ;-)

    Too bad you couldn't get in the Wooden Wars at Salute, I can see it being a hit.