Wooden Wars: British are coming… along… and so is Kublacon

“ Mind the Gap”
                   ~ That voice in the tunnel…

Salute Way after action report
Came back from Salute to a few changes at work (good changes) that made my life rather busy as of late, so only just got to downloading my Salute pics, which, to be frank are kinda lame. So many other great bloggers did the games justice.  I didn’t even get to see all the awesomeness, seeing only about 2/3rds of the entire convention, as I was busy networking, seeing old friends and making new ones. 

 I did have a favorite game though, ran by CrowleyWargames Club. It was a WWI game where the players were ambulance drivers.  Lots of kids participation and doughboy helmets for everyone!  

A dark shot of Simon Miller's game. 
 Other visual favorites were Simon Miller’s “To the Strongest”  Cremona 69 AD game with easily a thousand nicely painted figs on fantastic terrain. He's got much better pics on his blog here:  http://bigredbat.blogspot.com/2015/05/cremona-69-ad-at-salute.html
Stingray. I kept rooting for the fish folk.

I marveled at  a huge Star Wars battle of Hoth (which I didn't get a good picture) and of course the Warlord’s Stingray game. 

 I went to Salute in hopes to find someone to license to manufacture my Skull and crown models over in the UK, as shipping costs are crazy, sometimes doubling  the cost due to the weight of the wood. I’m happy to say I talked to a couple of companies, and fingers crossed something cool will come out of it this year.  Other reasons were to see old friends like David Imrie of Claymore castings. Last time we had a pint together neither of us were Papas- so that was 9 years ago!   more on Salute and name dropping, with cameos in a future blog.
My 54mm Wars of Spanish Succession soldier visits 4Grounds La Haye Sainte

Kublacon T- minus and British! 
 Kublacon - the Khan of cons- is next week. This is easily my favorite west coast convention. It’s a great venue, fantastic staff, and extremely family friendly. The perfect place for a Wooden Wars game!

This year being the bicentennial of Waterloo, I’m running a “La Haye Block” scenario, with the British defending the famed farmhouse. That meant I needed British… and I only had one unit painted. Hm.. And, I promised to run a Galley’s Guns and Glory!  game (my last big test before going to print) – which would have been fine if I hadn’t just sold off a goodly portion of my painted ships.  I really have to start thinking ahead. 
British Foot battery.

 Okay, so I’ve got 5 days and some change before Kublacon starts. That leaves me with 5 days to complete about 18 galleys, 12 galiots and a battalion or two of Wooden wars infantry!  Cake!
Instead of worrying about impending doom, let’s focus on what I’ve gotten done so far.
I’ve managed in the last few weeks to finish up a battery of British foot artillery, and three units of infantry (one was done before Salute). Adding in a unit already painted, and a unit of Swiss (hey they are in red coats) that should give me enough for the British side.

Next up I’m painting a unit of Westphalian troops (a commission, but I get to “battle test it before delivery) a unit of Léger, and a couple of officer types. The French side is going to be a Hodge-podge of nations, but they’ll serve.

Cheers, and hopefully I’ll be back next week with some battle reports from the con! If you are coming to Kublacon- and you totally should- please stop by and say hey, or even better come play! My games will be in the grand foyer, so you can’t miss them!

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