Old Hammers - New Paint!

 “Brushes are the single most important Item in the painter’s armory…”
- pg 16 Warhammer Fantasy battle 3rd ed.

Maurader miniatures "pike"

 Old Hammerz!

Feeling a bit of a wall flower on this retro craze, but in truth I’ve been a fan of the old hammer style of gameplay since- well since it was just the new 3rd edition! Even cooler, the lads I met over playing warhammer on Friday nights are still my close friends 20 + later. There was a lot of bonding over the battlefield and jealous pride when someone would be able to eek out a new unit over busy work and college schedules- and on a student budget!
The battles were small, and full of stories provided at first by an appointed GM for the night, but later the stories grew into the armies and visa versa.
Back then ( and sometimes now) we played for keeps-that meant that if you defeated the enemy general or captured the army standard- you actually got the keep it!  I lost a couple of white dwarves and a nice banner, but also gained a gorgeous orc commander and a banner or two. Trophies we still wave in each other's faces!

I havered on whether or not to create a whole new blog dedicated to Oldhammerz, but knowing myself, one blog is enough to keep up with- so from time to time I'll be cataloguing and adding  my old hammer stuff for your perusal. 

many a goblin impaled upon those pointy bits!
  Over the years I’ve been slowly hoard- Erm- collecting my favorite Citadel, Games Workshop and Marauder (especially Marauder) miniatures for dwarves and empire and undead. Well, the bug has bitten me again, so I’m dusting off my old armies and giving them a new coat of paint.


Maurader Pike Block

I remember eagerly buying this unit in it's hard plastic slider box at my local hobby store in San Francisco when it first came out- like it just got put on the shelf! The memory is strong because that damn box was so hard to open I split the plastic and sliced my hand - and still have the scar!

I didn't care because I scrored these awesome Trish and Aly Morrison sculpted landsknecht dwarves before any of my crew did. They originally had fat boar spears, but I converted them to pike, along with a few helmet swaps to "up armor" them. The uniform design/colors is inspired from the guard in the 4 Musketeer's movie- they guys that bet the musketeers they couldn't have breakfast in the hotly contested keep in the middle of the siege of La Rochelle. 

A sleeve of Shotte
More Maurader minis- handgunners painted up like Scots border reivers. They even have a "hot Trod" banner for the unit. The officer is a foundry dwarf, I think. These fine fellows guard my baggage train (read beer wagons) providing supporting fire as they can. I've recently scored a few more of these models and look forward to expanding the unit.
  That's all for now- thanks for sticking around- and I look forward to your comments and own Oldhammer memories!



  1. Great work there, I love the Renaissance look of these chaps, makes a change from Dwarves being miniature Vikings. I too like early Fantasy stuff, but more Prehammer than Oldhammer. The introduction of the slotta-base is my cut off date for retro-stuff. Look forward to seeing more of your army.

    1. Springfield, my first dwarven unit was all pre slotta based. Sadly I sold them off years ago. If you have some, please to share pics!

  2. Some of the Marauders were lovely! I particularly like your shotte. Best, Simon

  3. Cool, splendid colors!

  4. Always some of my favorite figures!

  5. That, as you well know, is exactly the unit I have been seeking all these years. Such great minis and wonderful paint jobs. I better get to work on my standard bearers. There are grudges to settle! Thanks for sharing one of my favorite units from your collection.

  6. Love the look Thomas. Truly lovely paint job as always.

  7. Terry Matheny02 April, 2015

    Someday...when we get a lens that can do a VERY wide shot...we'll have to get a few shots of all the " boys' " Dwarves. We may have to actually use a video camera to shoot them all. Nice to see the little fellows out of the box and back into the sun! As always, great paint!