Wooden Wars: Wars of Spanish Imaginations Command WIP

“They're inviting us to defeat them! We must oblige them!"

                                                              ~ Baron Munchausen

Flags and Drums and Not-So-Foppish Wigs
I’ve been working on more of the Wars of Spanish Imaginations group, in particular the command group… erm - and some pike to protect them.

These models are all scaled for 54mm (from bottom of foot to eyebrows) and, as you can see, will be put on multiple bases for traditional war gaming.  One of the cool things about the creation process of these particular pieces is that I made them via “cobbling” from other models in my laser-cutting program.  I’ve already made drummers, standard bearers and pike arms, as well as sword arms.  It took a bit of work to swap out the correct uniforms (ie: big cuffs), add and remove a belt or sash here and there, and fit them to the models.  All in all it worked out quite well, and for a brief moment I felt just like a Perry twin!

Standard bearer, officer and Sergeant type.

Because what is an Imaginations Army without pike?

Under the hood - drummer, standard bearer and officer parts.

All that being said, the officer fellow needs love. I’m working on a proper big-wigged, fully-sashed and bedecked version, that will come as a foot- and mounted-version. I might even go crazy and do different wig-hat attachments!
My new "heavy cavalry just charged!" marker. This is
cut in one piece.

Flat is Flat
This is one of the other prototypes which I alluded to in the last blog post. The idea here was a simpler multi-piece group of soldiers, but with a single back piece. It was later decided that although "cool", not the look we were going for. (I’m keeping this in my back pocket for future reference.)

Variations on a theme. The grey uniformed soldier has his
gun and arm etched onto the model.

The flat model was definitely a tricky challenge. Did I pull it off?
Another Commission!
Also since my last posting, I’ve picked up another commission for these soldiers, but scaled down to 45mm.  I’m very excited about this challenge and have already sent off some proofs for review - but we’ll keep this under our tricorne for a future post.

Filling the Muster List
Currently the plan is to create the following model types over the course of this year:  This is what I’ve done so far.
  • Musketeer
  • Pike
  • Sub officer with Partizan
  • Standard bearer
  • Drummer
  • Officer, foot (not striking this, as the one I’ve done is a placeholder)
  • Officer, mounted
  • Heavy cavalry  (breastplate)
  • Artillery and crew


  1. Tremendous pike and command figures. I think the simpler fellow is most effective btw.

  2. Really informative update, Thomas. Good call with giving the standard bearer the bare pole and let the customers make their own paper flags.

    One observation, the officers (and NCO's for that matter) more than likely wouldn't have worn the crossbelt without needing to carry the weight of a cartridge box. A minor niggle though, you've definitely got the bulky coat look down perfectly. Can't wait to see more !

    Oh, and your paint jobs are up to the usual excellent standard.


    1. Steve- good feedback, thanks. I set the belt going right shoulder to left, as the sword baldric, not an ammo belt- but perhaps at this point they are all wearing waist belts for sword hangers?

      Either way, something that can be easily rectified.

    2. D'oh ! You're right about right to left, must have been a little sleepy when I checked in last night. ;-) Yes, in general swords hung off the waist belt but in any case it's something easy enough to overpaint for anyone who prefers it the other way.

  3. Agreed with Cpl Tim, and I like the separate arm, multi layered. Gives the illusion its not a flat piece of wood.
    No Grenadiers, huh?

    1. Grenadiers is it now? Sheesh- you give a Baron an inch- he wants a pike... then a Grenadier!
      Actually good idea, I'll add it to the list.

  4. Can't wait. For these to hit the market!