Wooden Wars: Wars of Spanish Imaginations Commission WIP

“It’s not how big they are…“

~ Attributed to May West

WSS and WWS soldiers
 Big Cuffs, Small Scales
Today’s post provides a bit of insight on the making of a commissioned Wooden Wars soldier.  These Wars of Spanish Succession Imaginations soldiers were commissioned as trade for the awesome artwork from Baron von J.  The commissioned forces are to be used not as Wooden Wars rule’s soldiers but as tabletop forces for rules such as Maurice, Black Powder and Warmaster. 

Designs for this model were to keep a good amount of detail
but not so much that it gets lost when reduced.
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Size Matters
Scale is an issue, as the commissioner wants something that looks great on a convention type table but not so small that detail is lost (and then why not use 28mm leads). I wasn’t really sure how much detail would be lost or just not needed as I reduced, so with the drawings for the first model approved, I went about making tests.

I started with my standard Wooden Wars size as a means for scale reference (because I want them in this size) and then started reducing and checking levels of detail, readability (aka the non lumpy test) and over all aesthetics.  The pictures show the results of the two finalist scales, with 54mm (from feet to bottom of hat) being the winner. At this scale all the details read well, were fun to paint, and laser cut without issue (such as buttons just becoming holes).

Next, tests were done to see how many pieces read well together. Should the gun be a part of the model front, or a separately cut piece; does the back of the head read better with the bicorne?   Should the models be cut grouped as a single flat or individually as per usual?  Lots of good questions and iterations, not all of which are shown here, but you get the idea. By the way, this is something that happens with each design- lots of iterations to make sure the end result is as strong, easy to assemble and aesthetic as I can make it.

54mm and 45mm soldiers painted

This scale paints up quickly, and the depth of the wood really
lends to the "realism" of the model.

Unfinished back view, but you get the idea.

Unity and Scale
After some back and forth, samples were played and worked with, and ultimately a scale and style was agreed upon. We both thought that the 54mm scale with multiple parts read the best and looked great. This scale also allows for existing terrain and features in that scale to be used.  

 At this scale, a unit of 18 figures (3 stands, 2 deep) has a frontage of 30cm or just about a foot. Larger forces of 24 figs sit at 40cm or under 16 inches.  These sound large but remember this is for convention style games, or with units in depth. You can get 3-4 units across the table in line - a real line!

Cutting the shapes is a great way to test parts and scale.

unit with detailed piece and size comparisons.

The Muster
Currently the plan is to create the following model types over the course of this year:

·         Musketeer

·         Pike

·         Officer, foot

·         Officer, mounted

·         Standard bearer

·         Drummer

·         Heavy cavalry  (breastplate)

·         Artillery and crew
For more you can check out Baron Von J's blog on his views of his commission.


  1. A fascinating insight into designing them. I must say they look fantastic so far. How about doing the officer with a separate wig, so you can vary them for each figure?

  2. Springinsfeld- Good thinking. I was considering optional heads, but wigs and hats or no hats may be more serviceable. Sigh- now I'll have to read at least 3 large in depth tomes on the histories of wig-hats of the period- Lol.

  3. I rather like the smaller scales.

  4. Splendid, Thomas ! I take it Baron von J will have exclusive rights as commissioner ? Because if these ever showed up in the Skull & Crown store in 45mm, don't think I could resist them.


  5. Corporal Trim- Actually the commission is not an exclusive one, so these will be up for sale at some point. As to the 45mm ones, I'll have to work on that as details (see blog above) tend to get lost. Feel free to contact me off blog for more info at foss1066@yahoo.com