Galleys Guns and Glory: Flag set proofs

“Have they got a flag?“

~ Eddie Izzard

Awnings, flags, pennants, Bulwark trim and that big Banner thingy!

Three of the four Venetian ship flag sets
Fancy Printing

Hot off the presses and into my hands as of yesterday - the first sets of proofs of the flag sheets for the upcoming release of my 1/300th scale Renaissance galley range.

Each ship model comes with a random flag sheet based upon its nationality. The flag set is an easy way to quickly dress up a model, and gives you scads of options, all the while keeping a cohesiveness to your fleet that will be sure to win over the ladies!

Knights of Malta-  4 flag set variations
Variations Galore!
Thanks to the amazing talents of Jaye Wyley (akaBaron Von J)  I have a huge assortment of flags, awnings, pennants, banners and bulwark trim to work with, allowing me to create 4-8 variations (and more for the Galiots) per nationality. This will no doubt grow, but for now I think I figured I have over 90 options for the Ottoman Turks!

The flag sheets (an easy name although they are so much more; not to mention FAPBB is a horrible acronym) are printed via a giclee process on high grade paper. They come out looking like silk screens!  I don’t remember the actual weight of the paper, but it is thin and allows for flaggy-bendy action with ease.  Color me super happy as to how these came out!  
Ottoman Turk Flag sheets.
More Ottoman Turk flag sheets- because there are Lots of them!

Why So Many Options?
I’ll be the first to admit that I am crap at painting good straight stripes, much less dags and checkers. I really did this all for me and my needs – and you just get to benefit from my laziness!

An example of what you get in a set.

Winner of the Sultana Challenge!
A couple of blogs back, I asked you Blogmeisters if any of you could find information on Ali Pasha’s ship, the Sultana - in particular, was she classed as a Lanterna or not.  I had several emails from those ferreting out the information - and “thanks” to all that sent me great links and bits of books - but the one who dominated the question like Don Juan on the Turks was Mr. Bill Butler of Patterson, California.  Mr. Butler was like a research grad student, delving into tomes, ancient and new, and found a bit of info that spoke of Ali Pasha’s ship size that confirmed it was indeed a Galea Grossa / Lanterna and not a galley.  Along the way we also debunked an image in the Osprey on Galleys, which states it is a Turkish ship, when in fact (having seen it in person and am currently using the postcard picture as a book mark) it is Venetian.  Needless to say, still quite the sexy vessel!

Mr. Butler will be receiving a free galley of his nationality of choice!









  1. Those came out beautifully! Got to get my ship painted.

  2. Hi! Really, very nice flags. Also, will you include later some pictures of the Spanish galley armada? There are some very good Spanish webpages with information about the armada organization and so on.

    1. Don Tranquillo- Yes, I forgot to mention that I also have Spanish and Papal flags, as well as "holy league" generic ships flags to fill in for all the other ships at Lepanto but have not gotten print proofs of those yet.
      More pictures, and examples on ships forthcoming!

  3. I had the privilege of seeing the sheets in person on Saturday and all I can say is wow! Baron, these came out awesome. Thomas quickly cut out a few pieces and glued them on an unpainted vessel and the change just adding these to the ship was incredible. Looking forward to seeing more of these in play.

  4. Those are excellent looking.

  5. Beautiful indeed!! These will really make those great little ships look even more impressive.


  6. very good looking flags, have you tried playing guns of glory on android? might want to check its PC version here at https://games.lol/guns-of-glory/