Wooden Wars: English Civil War pike commission

“Charge those pointy things! “
                 ~ Attributed to Prince Rupert
Pikeman of Prince Ruperts, Wooden Wars style
Wooden Wars: English Civil War pike commission
 While trying to get Galleys Guns and Glory out the door, I’ve been lucky to get a couple of commissions, and I have to admit I’ve been jazzed by the challenge of each of them.  This post is about an English civil war pike man in plate.  This was a fun piece to do, and a challenge to make the armor translate on a flat surface. 
Really this fine fellow could be used for 30 years wars as well.
Sword is a separate piece, as is the plume. This gives both depth
and options.

Pointy bits and lots of plate
I prototyped a few different designs making the plate a separate piece, but in the end the breast plate and tasses looked best on the model. I did the same with the helmet which could have gone either way- but kept it on the model for ease and strength. If I had more time to create this piece, I might have gone with a woolen cap as the base and had several helmet types to add on.  One of the things that excited me about this commission is that I’m working on doing a Napoleonic heavy cavalry model, such as a Cuirassier. This is good practical practice.
Always interesting what "blends in" when painted.
 Keeping in line with my other models, the back piece is separate and gives detail of the back plate and jacket skirt.  Here I deviated from my normal designs and made the sword and hangar separate- because it just looks cooler!
The pike is 146mm tall, which is double the height of the soldier if you measure from feet to eyebrow. I worried that if it were much longer it could become too fragile- and these things get balls tossed at them don’t forget. The current height “reads” pike especially to those who don’t have them.

Painting NMM
I seem to be a bit of a masochist when it comes to painting my Wooden Wars models, as I don’t like using metallic paints. I kind of have it stuck in my head that the designs are based on period prints and etchings and as such I keep to the idea of print at the time.  When I started painting the armor on this guy, I covered it all with a thinnish base coat of REAPER Rainy grey. Honestly I could have just stopped there- it looked great all one color with the etch lines coming through and contrasting a bit with the reddishness of the burnt wood. 
 If I were doing simple paint jobs I could call it a day. But I wanted to push it further.  I went back and forth a few times on the armor building it up and bringing it back down- and although the outcome is good, I don’t think I hit the right notes yet.  Luckily I know where I can get more to paint J
this model was painted by the gentleman who commissioned the piece
I believe he is done up as one of the white companies.
If any of you out in Blogland have some good tips on large surface metal NMM- please comment! Entice me enough and I’d be happy to send you a model with which you can show your technique!



  1. Excellent work, very impressive!

  2. Brilliant...if you did a full Thirty Years Was Range I would buy them.... especially cuirassiers in Savoyard helmets.

  3. I'll second what Springinsfeld said!
    Will there at least be a musketeer figure and when will they be availble to the public?

  4. Thanks a lot Thomas for making these so quickly for me. The figures came out brilliantly! & were a great addition to my 50th birthday party.

    1. BTW, what is the painting? I assume that Charles I in the middle.

  5. Tradgardmastare- I will at some point be making a musketeer, but not unitl later this year, after I launch Galleys Guns and Glory! Although the pikemen will be up on my store this week for sale.

    Springfield- I had to look up what a Savoyard helmet was- I love those! http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--F6MOB2W---/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/18peh4jc0cqyjjpg.jpg

    Black Cavalier- my pleasure. As to the painting, Honestly I google Prince Rupert and found it. That's himself on the left.

  6. Splendid ! And fantastic painting. well done, Thomas.

    1. Corporal, thanks a bunch. I was just oogling your soldiers as well- capitol stuff. If you are so inclined I'd love to send you some of my Wooden wars soldiers to play with- as thanks for your blog inspirations. If interested, please contact me at foss1066@yahoo.com


    2. Thanks, Thomas. That's very kind of you !