GGG! Cover art

" That was my best Lantern!"
- attributed to Ali Pasha at the beginning of the Battle of Lepanto
Based upon a period print, my ships and real folks throwing down!
Another Awesome Cover by Colin Upton!
Just a puick post showing off the awesome cover art for my upcoming rules Galleys Guns and Glory! by the very talented Colin Upton. Colin has been on retainer for over 15 years now as an illustrator for my erstwhile companies, and has done stellar work including several covers for my Flagship games and Skull and Crown publications.  Take a look at Colin's work here on his site and hire him for your stuff-
One of my favorite pieces Colin did for Pirates!
reproduced with permission of the artist.
Speaking of Rules...
I've just finished up the final beta version of GGG! and sent it off to my play testers. If you'd like to be a play tester, please drop me a line!  This weekend I'll be shooting pics for the layout which will hopefully happen in a couple of weeks. You may want to burn candles now in respect of the challenge my poor editors have in front of them.
from the book- visual of how to fire your guns




  1. Nice pictures - one feels the Colin Upton pics ought to have some kind of caption: e.g. 'The arrival of the Lilliputian Fleet gave victory to the Allies at Lepanto.' or 'Captain Pinkbeard's career of piracy began with a small boat. It ended with a small boat...' or something.

  2. Archduke- the Pirates! image was based upon a true game story. Years ago I ran a large 20 player Pirates! game at historicon. After turn two, a gentleman comes up to me who drove like 3 states to get to the con and play. I was plum out of ships, so gave him a rowboat, swivel gun, 2 marines, a captain and two crew.
    He rowed on the outskirts of the battle till about tun 8, closed in on a ship that had pulled out of action from being hit hard, Let loose with the swivel gun a couple of times- sweeping the decks- and boarded and took her. Happy as a clam- he sailed off the board with his new prize!

    the next year we made new Flagship Games shirts with the above image, and our new motto, " Life's not fair, our games aren't either!"

  3. Great images from Colin - not only will GGG be a great set of rules, but it will look great too. Colin obviously did the art for Habet Hoc Habet too - some real faves in that one for me. Funny story about the pirate in his rowboat!!