Wooden Wars: 10x scale French General Finished!

"You look... mahvelous!“
~ Billy Crystal

Lieutenant Fossling and spinosaur photobomb the General!
Reporting for Duty!
I’ve finished up a commission for Theo’s Toys in Manitou, Colorado. This fine fellow was a real blast to paint up as well as a challenge.  I think my biggest two takeaways from doing this project were that painting methods (albeit using more paint and larger brushes) translate pretty well, and that when you scale up, lines that look great on a 80mm solider, may look a bit exaggerated in 10x scale. This guy’s schnozz for instance! 


Theo’s Toys will also be carrying Skull and Crown Wooden Wars soldiers and rules! 

I decided that, as he is a distinguished officer, he should have some medals, so I scaled some down (from human size) and voila! These are the same medals that players earn and receive when I run convention games.  The Busy Bee medal is usually given to the persistent player who continually misses when firing. I present it saying aloud, "Word just got back to the Marshal that {player name} has been maneuvering and firing with a will! He/she must be doing great work out there on the battlefield- give them a medal!"
It is always done lightheartedly, and (so far) accepted in the same manner.

A sense of size. The Westphalian foot officer is the"true"scale.


  1. Very, very impressive!

    When she saw it, my wife asked my why I couldn't produce works of art like it.

    All the best,


  2. Bob- that is a real compliment, thank you! Take one of your minis and a magnifying glass and show her you've been doing it all along! It's all just a matter of "perspective"