Skull and Crown: Bean Bag Vikings

 Snorri the Miserable: Anyone know any good drowning songs?”
~ (Eric the Viking)


Wooden Wyrm, real Wooden Wars scale!
I had a fun request from my friend Anthony over at ZombieSmith Miniatures  to make some Viking “beanbag” targets out of the designs I created for last year’s Snoggletog celebration.  Apparently his son is a huge fan of “How to Train Your Dragon” as are we all at the Fosshaus.  These are to be used at his birthday party!


After these were made, I sent them to the Fossling Proving Grounds for testing. Results were positive but short lived (they needed to be delivered) so, to quote my daughter, “Papa, you need to make us some so we can test these more.”  

So many things about this picture make me happy!
I love doing fun requests like this, and (as is obvious) do take commissions. 
Hopefully we’ll have pictures of the pieces in action from the party!  (hint hint)

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