Wooden Wars: French General 10x WIP and other news!


Empress P is for size comparison only- not for sale.

Over 100,000 Views- I Salute you!!!

A contemporary Napoleonic print, I used for Research.
Hello all!  
I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have visited over the last couple of years- over 100K of you!  I'm humbled, inspired and jazzed all at the same time.  During this time I've made new friends across the bloggispshere, and am constantly blown away with your blogs and what you are doing!
The 100K view happened early last week, but I was too embroiled in work stuff to acknowledge.  So here I am now, Wooden Hats tipped off to you- thank you!
I want to do some sort of a Wooden Wars give away, but have to figure out some canny contest. Ideas?
Saluting Wooden Wars Style!

Large Wooden Soldiers!

Here's some WIP  shots of a Wooden Wars French General at 10x scale. This jaunty fellow is for my friend Tony Mogck who is opening a toy store called Theo's Games  in Manitou Springs Florida.

Starting to add the paint. Note real scale version

It is an odd thing to see your design blown up so large- you notice line changes or variations that work differently. It's also a real blast to be painting at this size. I'm using the same paints and techniques as I do the regular sized lads, albeit with bigger brushes, and a bit more Future floor wax/ water mix.

Everyone was curious about the project!

No Wooden Wars at Pacificon this Year!

 This weekend (actually starting today) is Pacificon Game convention here in Northern California. It's also the same weekend for  a recently new convent, Celesticon who's owners decided to run it the same exact weekend... just a few miles away. 
Both conventions have excellent things to offer, but I have yet to attend Celesticon as I've been going to Pacificon for over (sheesh) 3 decades. This sounds like I'm just being a stick in the mud, but its really more about the circle of friends and game clubs that I am more likely to hang with and want to see are also attending Pacificon.  I am hoping that Celesticon will someday just move out to another month, so we can all share the love.

Speaking of Pacificon, I will be attending this weekend, or at least Saturday- but sadly am not running any Wooden Wars (or any other type) of games.  This was entirely due to my work and family schedules, and I just couldn't give a definite commitment to the awesome Pacificon staff that I'd be able to make it. Counting back, this is the first time in over 14 years I have not run at least one game. I have, however loaned out a bunch of miniatures, ships, terrain and more terrain for others to run games.   I'll make up for it next year- and I look forward to actually have some time to play this year!

If you come to Pacificon,  Look me up- I'll most likely be in one or both of the Flagship Games (my old company)  Pirates! Miniatures adventures on the High Seas  games!

Over 100K views!!!

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