Wooden Wars: Highland Dwarves

“Before the morn ye'll work mischief:''
Indeed will I,'' quo' Findlay

-Bobby Burns

I’ve had the good pleasure to take on a commission in creating Highland Dwarves for a customer. My patron had some great ideas as to what he wanted, provided a couple of sketches, and after a few emails and sketches, this is what we came up with.

Like most of my Wooden Wars models, there is lots of room for variation and customization. I’m particularly fond of the piper.  The cool part is, not only does my patron get a couple of armies’ worth of Wooden Dwarves, but I’ll soon be putting these up for sale on my Webstore for everyone to enjoy.

Now, I know what you are thinking- “Isn’t Wooden wars a game where most everything has a ranged attack and you toss your balls about? “  The answer is, Yes, and…( quickly jots down a few rules…) No, of course not!

Literally, on the drawing board.
I’ve already been toying with a set of “ancients” rules variants, where not everyone has a missile type weapon. The skinny is that with melee only units, I’ve changed the rules such that when charging, instead of doing instant knock downs, the charging unit rolls an extra die (or two, depending on class type) in the first round of combat.  This works out great- I can’t wait for someone to commission Romans and Celts (hint hint!)

Kublacon Update
This weekend is Kublacon- the Khan of Cons- one of the best if not hands down the best family oriented convention in the known world!  As per my last post, I am busily painting up over 200 Wooden Wars models getting ready to run four humongously great games this weekend!  here's my shedule.
Friday Evening: Wooden Wars Task Force (Wooden Battle ships)

Saturday Morning: Wooden Wars “Quarks Rivets” Queen Victoria’s Robot Wars

Saturday Afternoon:  Wooden Wars Napoleonics- The bridges of Stretchenhiem

Sunday, not too early: Wooden Wars “Quarks Rivets” Queen Victoria’s Robot Wars (Reprise)

If you are in the area- please come by and say hi, and join in the fun!  I’ll also have some stuff for sale!

Why the lag in posts, OH Skull and Crown?
I was wondering when you were going to ask.  About a month ago, my computer went belly up in a bad bad way. Luckily I had about 97% of my files backed up, but, nothing else off my hard drive could be recovered.  So- I am slowly building my machine back up to snuff, and searching around for disks of programs to install. I have yet to find my Adobe (photoshop, Illustrator) package, which has really put a damper on me posting.  I’ve taken to getting images cleaned up on my lunch break on my work machine.  Fear not, oh gentle readers, more posts on the way!



  1. Those dwarves look great.
    Have you considered doing the Tesla Rifles & Accessories as separate thingies, instead of a full-up British Infantry? That way you could have Tesla Frenchmen too, and other countries as you introduce them.

  2. Great to see more of your project. Magnificent. Who's your friend in that last pic?

  3. Brion- I do have accessories and bits on the table, to be released later this year.
    The current Queen Victoria's Robot Wars troops, aside from the sleeve decoration can be painted up as many different troop types. I've done Belgian, Prussian, French, and of course Baron Bomburst's lads from Chitty Chitty Bang bang.

    Archduke- thanks! Depending on which mug you refer to, one is my Large Wooden Soldier (that sounded wrong) and one is your's truly from last years convention games. I believe that was the battle of Blockodino.