Wooden Wars: Phase two- Build Robot Armies (pt1)

"What good is science, if no one gets hurt!?."
~ Chrome Dome

Wooden Robot Factories at Full Steam!  
World Domination [Convention] season is nearly upon us. This year Skull and Crown starts off by hosting  four ( yes-IV!) Wooden Wars games in the Grand Foyer of KublaCon in South San Francisco! I've got a lot to do before then and now, so, I called in a few favors...

here you can see the stages. Shadows and highlighting done with marker pens.

Empress V inspects the troops. I so look forward to painting her!

 Rusty, Evil Clampers. Note the one eyed bucket head and two clampers!

Clampers next to a unit of Brass Grenadiers. They are the good guys.
Last weekend I had a Robot Assembly Day here at Fossworks Flange and Phibulatronics Factory.  My(evil) pals Peter and Simon (bar Sinister) were a great help in getting Phase 1 of the great robot armies off the ground for the upcoming convention season.  I'm running two games of Quarks Rivet, a classic retelling of those brave souls who, for the love of  Queen Victoria and their own skins, fought off the waves of robots under the command of Baron Bomburst! 

Peter, aka Baron Bomburst- a great friend and great help!
The other two games I'll run are a classic Wooden Wars Napoleonic battle (possibly including a bridge, as the last one was quite exciting) and a Wooden Wars Task Force battle.  

Baron Bombursts new secret weapon.
Other News! 
In the meantime, I've been getting lots of inquiries about my wooden ships, and about independent commissions for Wooden Wars soldiers.  I believe I'll have some ships for sale at KublaCon and am currently working on two design commissions for customers which I hope to share in the near future.  I'll give you a hint now though - they are made of wood!
That's all for now.  For those of you going to Salute! this year, be sure to take lots of pictures for me. I plan on being there next year running Wooden Wars for sure!

Soon- your chance to be awarded with the Steel Dragoon.


  1. They look terrific, Thomas! The kids are going to love those.

  2. Thanks Gents!
    Simon, it's for kids of ALL ages!

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