Kublacon Battle Report: The Battle of Lengthy Gulf

A ship is always referred to as “she” because it costs too much to keep her in paint and powder.
~ Admiral Nimitz

The narrator points towards destiny.

Greetings everyone! I’ve finally gotten a chance to put fingers to key board and start posting about Kublacon.  Over all a great convention, where I met up with many friends, and kindled more relationships.  It was great to also have fellow bloggarts come by and introduce themselves. I may not say it enough, but I LOVE our hobby, and the folks therein. 

 This year I decided to not get a booth in the dealer’s room in, and instead focused on just running games. To that point I ran 5 battles of various types of Wooden Wars games, with anywhere from 10 – 14 players. Ages ranged from 4 years old to… well over 40. By Sunday evening, I had a very froggy voice, and was more than ready to head back to Fosshaus for a well deserved rest. (Actually, I really missed my own kids).

All the convention pics you see in this post are courtesy of Mr. Steven Bean, who was kind enough to send them to me. I took scads of photos, but still haven’t found my copy of My Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator- etc, to set them up... sigh... And now, I’ve typed enough- pictures! 

The Japanese fleet

Some of the American Captains

Your's truly goes over the rules.

Wooden Wars Task Force! The battle of Lengthy Gulf
This particular battle report focuses on the two games I ran on Friday featuring the Wooden Wars Task force game. It was scheduled only to be run once, but the first battle only lasted about an hour, and there were many more in the sideline that wanted to play, so another game was quickly set up and off we went! 

There were lots of dog fights. This Zero claimed 3 kills before being shot down by the battleship.

If you squint, the game looks almost real!
The Japanese carrier, Onimini loads it's planes.

Swarming about the battleships

Zeros launching

Heck cats launch against incoming threats

This is what the battleships looked like

TaskForce - The Game
Those of you who have been following for a while know that I've built up a fleet of wooden ships for my children over the years, some which can be seen here.  Being the game designer type that I am, I also built a game which involves very open movement, using dice as the projectiles and... MATH.  I have a decent two page working beta set of the rules, and once I clean them up a bit, I’ll have them on my webstore as a free download. 

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! (Thanks to Dave Taylor for that catch phrase)

Those I put two entries into this year’s painting exhibition/ competition. I usually don’t get to put anything I’ve just painted in, as I am using in the games, but this year the entry deadline was after some of my games ran. I put in my Wooden Wars Highland Dwarf, and a unit of British infantry with mounted officer. I’m a bit amazed, but my dwarf single figure took silver, and the unit took bronze!  Yay for Wooden Wars! (These pics are from the Kublacon painting competition site)


  1. All looks like great fun! Splendid to get so many kids involved.

  2. Great looking day, the succession is assured!