Wooden Wars: New Year's Adventures!

"For old time's sake"...
                                 ~ Bobby Burns
Happy New Year!
The new year is here, and with it the excitement for new campaign adventures. Before I get on with the latest news, I want take a moment for a heartfelt "thank you" to you all for your visits and comments throughout the past year, and wish you a new year full of adventures with your toy soldiers and friends! May you capture many enemy standards, cover yourself in glory and medals, and come away with a few harrowing tales of dice gone wild. 

Toy Soldier & Model Figure Magazine!
I've been really fortunate to have my Wooden Wars models and game  represented by the Sierra Toy Soldier Company of Los Gatos to the world of collectable toy soldier folks at the last Chicago Toy Soldier Show. Apparently  my models caught the eye of a Mr. Hessney, the editor of Toy Soldier & Model Figure magazine, who, when he  saw my pieces, immediately grabbed them for some pictures. I'm jazzed to be featured in the opening volley / "what's new" section of TS&MF and getting exposure to an audience that although similar to the miniature gamer, is not often the same crowd.
Hopefully you'll be seeing more of Wooden Wars in magazines throughout the year.
A special thanks to Myska of Sierra Toy Soldier Company for both carrying and representing Wooden Wars, both at the convention and at her awesome store!
Speaking of stores... 

Skull & Crown Web-store is OPEN!!!
 Yes, Yes and Yes!  You heard it here first folks:  the  Skull & Crown Wooden Wars eStore is open for business!!! After a slight delay due to another rough couple of months with my laser cutter being down (again), everything is up and operational and the stock bins are bulging with troops and mounts waiting to take your commands! 
Just go here to check it out!  Skull& Crown

Alliances Forged!
What with a web-store (see above), designing and cutting and working many of the west coast conventions (plus the day job - of course), I don't often get to travel out to the grand  East Coast cons. Luckily I have the great fortune of having forged an alliance with Ken Cliff of All the Kings Men Toy Soldiers.  Ken is a great painter and all around awesome fellow who, along with his own line of cool 54mm models, will be carrying my Napoleonic line of Wooden Wars - and running demonstration games on the East Coast and Southern convention circuits.  Actually, Ken has been doing this for a few months now, including selling Wooden Wars from his convention booth, and will also soon be also selling from his site.

Now What?
Well, the Wooden Wars line keeps growing.  Next week I should have a couple of new British sprues to share.   The Wooden Wars Task Force line is also expanding, and I should have a battle report as well.  And...who knows what else will come to fruition in this New Year.


  1. Happy New Year and congrats on the mention in Toy Soldier & Model Figure Magazine.


  2. Great news on the magazine write up & the store being open for business.

  3. Thanks Gents!
    Keep an eye out for more about the store and new models soon!