Wooden Battleships: Task Force WIP

"Without a respectable navy - alas America!"
~ John Paul Jones
Destroyers, Cruisers, and one bad battleship!
All we need is some paint and a case of Champagne!  
Hello all; sorry for the delay in postings! While I've been working to bring the laser-inator back online (see Update below), I've been working on some Christmas presents in the form of wooden battleships.  These designs are based on pre- and early WWI ships, especially the battleship which was modeled after the USS Oregon (completed in 1896).  I am coming closer to standardizing a "template" for the ships. Once I do, I have a pal who owns a table router, and cutting out the pieces will be so much faster.
Only a few of these are going out; the rest remain in port here at Fossywick shipyards. This gives us enough now for two fleets. Trial runs with the new battleship, cruisers,  and the nimble (and hard to hit) destroyers have proven very fun. 

USS Oregon.

Miss P looks tentatively as I swing the champagne bottle.
And now- an update... 
Any other free time to be found of late has been spent working and attempting to getting my laser-inator back online. If there are any laser savvy people out there in blog-land, I'd love some help!  
My Wooden Wars web store is in polish mode and almost ready to launch, I'm just waiting to be able to start actual production again. I have a goodly amount of stock on hand, but would rather be 100% operational as well.  Fingers crossed.

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