Wooden Wars: At the painting Depot

"An army marches on it's stomach..."

                                      ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Work has been keeping me very busy with our upcoming release of the Dread Ring for Neverwinter Online, but I have managed to finish up one (of 3!) British infantry units this weekend. The "in the depot" shots on the painting table are due to the fact that right after this they were boxed up so they could be posted (along with many more troops) to Ken Cliffe of All the Kings Men Toy Soldiers.

Ken is my official East Coast rep for conventions, and carries my Wooden Wars Napoleonics line.
 This coming weekend he'll be at Millenniumcon in Texas with a booth, as well as running at least one game of Wooden Wars

If you are in Texas and at the convention, stop by, say hi to Ken, check out my Wooden Soldiers and get into the game! 


  1. Will the wooden soldiers be for sale?

  2. Anonymous- thanks very much for asking. My webstore is launching next week (yay) ! i am just shaking out a few bugs and getting more images uploaded. Currently Sierra Toy Soldier Company in Los Gatos California, and All the Kings Men Toy soldiers (see above) carry stock, and will also have them on their web stores, but not till the end of the month.