Wooden Wars: From all Directions!

“Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.”
~ Pablo Picasso

The Campaigner Magazine

I was asked to write an article for The Campaigner, an online gaming magazine based in Australia. The main focus is on how my Wooden Wars game does when encountered by children, and the basics behind the designs of both the models and the rules for kids. Matthew (the editor) asked some great questions that not only got me thinking, I even did some "field tests" to help solidify answers I was honestly not sure of.
Here's the first page.  If you want more... and you know you do...limber up your guns and race towards The Campaigner . 

Chiller- I don't even know her!
The depths of the chiller. None of the replacement wires were the
same color as the ones in the machine. fun...
It's been all hustle and bustle here at the Fossling Proving Grounds. I've been busy building up Wooden Wars stock and working on my web store- which I hope to open very soon. Of course when you plan such things, machines break; this time my water chiller's power supply went belly up.  Amazingly, I fixed it without transmogrifying or carbon freezing anything. Not so amazingly, my air exhaust is starting to lag, which means the motor may be burning out...sigh. 
* Update- new exhaust blower in box in garage- they replaced it free. Just need to hook it up!

The Emperor and the horse he rode in on!

Standing horse and heads pieces

The Emperor is coming together with all his parts.
I'm up for suggestions for other arms!

I'm just finishing up the rough drawings for  the "Emperor" and a standing horse. Still noodling with how many arm options I can do/need, but pretty sure the winners are the ones to allow for saluting with his famous hat and holding a telescope. 

Horse buildout. This guy is heavy cav material!

Buildout options for the Emperor. Note hat has two sides.
With the head in as a spacer it should really give it some depth.

Why We Fight- erm- Art!
Captain Fossling presented me with this artwork a couple of days ago. It was meant (I think) for my lunch bag, but now hangs on my wall. Kinda makes me think I'm on the right track. 
Bonus points for which QVRW model I am painting.
and yes, I have a blue head.


  1. Ah! That chicken with teeth is one of your wooden techno-fantasy things, is it? I thought it had some other meaning... How did you get a blue head...?

  2. Archduke-correct as usual. Blue head,erm,because I am an artist.

  3. Is the air exhaust motor pulling the air over the motor when it is running? Just thinking that if it is, then the dust is blowing over/through the motor? No idea how it works, just an idea that popped up and thought to pass it along.

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