Wooden Wars: Lavender Brigade

“They said pret-a-porter will kill your name, and it saved me...”
~Pierre Cardin

I've finished up three units for one of my Kickstarter backers:  a Prince. His highness was kind enough to let me test the mettle of his troops in the Kublacon Campaign of 2013, and before they get shipped out, I took some shots to catalogue them.  The uniform colors for the infantry are based off of an 1808 French design, and the cavalry are inspired by the Berg line cavalry regiment.  

I've started some officers and a battery of guns to match the theme, but they are not yet camera ready. 

Grenadiers stand proud
Line troops. Note the drummer

Inspired by the white uniforms and thinking what would Austria do
I converged these units into one very large unit during the battle.

Jaunty!I am really quite happy as to how these lads came out.

Variations on an Officer
Here we have 3 variations from my "French" foot officer model.  On the left an ADC type look, the center based upon the 1808 uniform, and on the right a traditional line officer. 
Same model, wide variety
Lest we forget these are "flattish"

Battle Report: Siege in the Hallway

Play dates, no matter what age, are always fun. My son and ADC had a pal over this weekend, and the Wooden Wars troops came out.  For their age (both 6 year olds)  a good sized battle that is easy to control is the standard fort vs. fort battle scenario, which also works very well in the hallway.  Wooden Wars is designed both in scope and complexity to scale up or down to suit different age groups and groups of players. 

Captain G. surveys the effectiveness of the defenses

Captain Fossling aims

Each commander was to have a pile of blocks, a battery of 2 guns,  a standard unit, some officers,  and 2 minutes on an egg timer to set up a defensive position.  The pictures are a bit blurry, as, well ... you try to get 6 year old boys bent on destruction to hold still.


  1. A magnificent brigade!

    I used to play a very similar game in my hallway as a youth, featuring Dalex models, made out of lego, and a catapult from a Major Matt Mason toy set. Great fun...

    Cheers, Simon

  2. Great looking figures with fantastic colors!!

  3. I'm continually amazed at how a change of colors and a few details can make the figures look so different! BRAVO! -d.

  4. Big Red- I haven't invented any new game play, just formalized it a bit. I love the Dalek spin!

    Phil,Darrell- thanks very much. I really do enjoy painting them.