Special Guest: Iron Mask Miniatures

“Never fear quarrels, but seek hazardous adventures.”
Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers
Just some of the Right hand variatrions!

This blog-time around, I wanted to sing to the world about a new Kickstarter for Iron Mask Miniatures:  an amazing series of miniatures based on the concept of Musketeer Dwarves and Ogres!  
Here's a bit of a secret- I am as much of a fan/hoarder of dwarves as I am Napoleonics (oh yes, I have converted fig's into old guard and dragoon dwarves). I have managed to get a couple of the artist proofs of these figures, and have had a blast both assembling, with lots of hand and head variation choices to create my own personal Cardinal's guard duelists.

I've just started painting them, and will have pictures soon. They really hit the right notes of level of detail and irreverence, and in talks I've had with Gary Price, the owner of Iron Mask Miniatures, the line will be expanding with all sorts of personalities and regular troops.

 You can also find out more about the background of this project (and lots more pictures) on the Iron Mask Miniatures blog.
 I highly recommend them!

Ogre Duelist. These run the same size as the old Maurader Ogres.

The models are sculpted by the talented John Pickford and the concepts art is created by none other than the talented Colin Upton- who has done many pieces for me- including my Wooden Wars Rules cover.  Do me and yourself a favor and check out the Iron Mask Miniatures Kickstarter. 

The Cardinal knows if you went to the site or not.


  1. I like them...very "flashing blade"

  2. I got some early production casts of these figures and they are wonderful casts and great fun to paint!