Wooden Wars: Uniforms on Review

On what does the success of a charge Depend?

"On seizing the right moment to make it. "

Is it difficult to seize the moment?

"I repeat it, the art of doing the right thing at the right time constitutes the very genius of war."
~ Antoine Fortune' de Brack

As I am fulfilling my Kickstarter backer rewards, painted armies are part of the deal for the Princes, Kings, Emperor, Empress, and Powers Behind the Throne. I've started to get some feedback on which forces they might like, and have been playing around with uniform variations. As I build up the armies, some will be used in upcoming game conventions. In particular, I'll be running 3 huge 20- 24 unit Wooden Wars battles at KublaCon which is coming up soon. 

You say Isenberg, the French say Isemburg... Regiment

This regiment, recruited by the Prince of Isemburg for France in 1805. As he was in a hurry to fill the ranks, many recruits were taken from Austrian prisoners, and was know as a one of the most unscrupulous units around. It was sent to Spain where many of the troops defected and fought with the Spanish Guerillas. That being said, I'm all about the aesthetics, and the regiment's dashing uniform caught my eye, so thought I'd give it a try. 

The color of the uniform is recorded as "celestial blue"  which I tried to get here without it being too sky blue.  I added a fancier shako and larger plume as I want this unit to really stand out. The green plume and epaulettes show that this fellow is a Voltigeur.

Dutch Infantry 

The Dutch were allies to the British and fought with Wellington. Their uniforms varied from French styles to British styles and even something in between. Here I've (roughly) painted up a soldier from a flank company, based upon a British soldier model. No conversion here, just straight up paint.  

If anyone has good source material on Dutch uniforms, please to send info my way.


My good friend Brian Miller wants to do his Wooden Wars army up as Swedes, so he came over the other night and we knocked this guy out. I have to say, the uniform looks pretty good, and I can't wait to make jokes about why they wear yellow trousers when they are on the field.

Say, what's going on with your Laser-inator? 

Well, since you asked, I'll tell you.  My Laser-inator has been down for over a month now. Working diligently with the manufacturer over in China via Skype and email, IMing and sending videos and pictures, I've so far replaced the power source, and now will be replacing the lasers (all under warranty, yay!) as soon as they get here, which could be a few more weeks yet.

 I am looking at it as an awesome learning experience and trying to not be overly vexed about the fact that I should have all my Kickstarter rewards fulfilled and  my online store already up and running. But soon, very soon!

Stay tuned next time for some... Cavalry, probably.


  1. Speaking of uniforms, any chance of getting some Scottish Regiments? With kilts and bagpipes and such-like?

  2. Brion- I do have Scots on the drawing board, and am currently painting up a soldier of the 79th in "trews" as a test on a British soldier model.
    I' also have plans for royal horse artillery (one of my favorite uniforms)and Scot's Greys cavalry, to fill in the "British" forces for Wooden Wars.
    Cheers, and thanks for asking

    1. Great. I saw your guys at DunDraCon, can't wait to pick some up.