Wooden Wars: Rules, Lasers and Tesla Guns

"You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads! ..."
                                                                                           ~ Dr. Evil

 Wooden Wars Rules go to Print!
The exclusive-Executive-pre-release-Kickstarter version of the rules has been printed.  Inside are the Basic rules, the Advanced rules, a few scenarios to get you started and a model assembly guide.
Those lucky 113 (hey, I just noticed that)  backers will be getting these along with the first batch of the Queen Victoria's Robot Wars sprues in the very near future!
For those of you who missed out, you can most likely get your copy in January.

My laser cutter cleared customs this week and is now safely stored in my "evil villain lair".   I am quite excited about this, but feel very much the first-time father as this thing is highly "assembly required".  More on this later... or directions to the Pub for my wake. 

100 watt lasers. For scale reference, those are 11 inch tiles!

Tesla Gun and crew:  
Prototypes of the Tesla gun and crew have exceeded my hopes. For some reason the crew  figure took me a very long time to suss out. Big rubber boots and gauntlets and those cool mutton choppy mustache things, a nod to Grandpa Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; in my opinion, the first real VSF documentary. 

Tesla gun using British carriage

Build outs showing variation of the model. Note holster on the chap with the Webley!

After doing several sketches of Tesla pistols based upon the Webley Mark VI , I came to the conclusion that the original had the best look and lines and would easily pack the kind of wallop to put down a robot or pesky native. The other thing I had in mind is that, from this gun crew sprue, you can easily create a foot officer. They are also designed to swap arms with the Steel Dragoon - or you could even give one of the lads a robot arm!

These rough and ready gents come with heavy saber and Tesla carbine variants.

Steel Dragoons mount up!
The Steel Dragoon rider prototype is also a "go"! This is the fellow what rides the steel dino robot. I am picturing officers actually riding the organic version, the ferocious V-Rex.  Like above, the Tesla gun crew arms are usable on this model for great variation! 
Inspiraton for the Steel Dragoon uniform. I like the colors too.


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  2. Well played Francis, well played indeed!

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