Wooden Wars : The British are coming; and who is that Russian fellow?

"Wake up, Wake up! The British are coming."
~ Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961

"flank" company. Flags are Victrix, then converted to fit the larger flag pole.

British Flank company  
As we enter the Yuletide season, I am jumping in with Santa's elves and making toys for Christmas.  This has been my first chance to paint up an entire unit of my Wooden Wars British infantry, and they are a blast! 

These guys in square- that just looks right!

This unit of 20 lads plus officer took me about 12 hours or so to paint up over the week. I used a lot of the new Humbrol acrylics (red and black) that I got as a present for my birthday, and was pleasantly surprised at how well they covered the wood. Like my other paints, I mixed them down with a bit of 50/50 Future floor wax and water.

Field testing
It looks like they are going right for the Officer in front!

11 lads left standing out of 21. 

Here at the Fossling proving grounds, no unit is sent off without proper training and being put under fire at least once.  Taking some heavy pounding from a battery of French guns, it shows that once again that it pays to get that officer's commission!

More painted batons for presents. I did the white one for the Russians and the light blue to compliment the  Bavarian  generals I painted up.

Russian Officer

Here we have a credible "Russian" officer using the mounted officer model. I kinda made up some bits plus mixed and matched from Russian General and Field Marshal uniforms I referenced. 


  1. I think my favorites really are the traditional Napoleonic figures. These colourful wooden figures rock!

  2. Good to see painted British. Someone obviously has had a lot of practice gunning down the Wooden men.

  3. Steady, lads, steady!

    Very nice!


  4. Archduke- thanks very much. Napoleonics are my first and true love. Currently working on a Napoleon figure and have hopes to do some British horse gun crews when I can.

    Black Cavalier- At Fossling proving grounds, we aim to please! If you click through the images quickly, you can "see" the action!

    Siggins- these lads are very steady!

    Cheers everyone!

  5. Keeps getting better. Machine arrive yet?

  6. Thomas I must compliment you on the design of the British set so far. I have to admit that after having read on of the Sharpe stories I'm hooked on the Napoleonic stories. I can't wait to find out what you'll offer for the Napoleonic line so I can start building the sets and show them off with friends. I guess it's all up to you and the machine now eh? Bon Chance!

  7. So, I quite admire your wooden wars creation, now the big question. When can we buy more?