Wooden Wars: Paperwork, "Double-O" status, Painting and Stocking up!

M: When do you sleep 007?
Bond: Never on the firms time sir.
~ James Bond

Really, I'm just an international importer...
Hello everyone, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and, like me, are thankful for all the tasty things one can do with leftovers!   With only a week or so away before "the machine" gets here, I have been dealing with a comedy of errors regarding customs, brokers, shipping and paperwork.
 Things now appear to be back on track and maybe next week  we'll have pictures of  the me hugging the new arrival!   It also now makes perfect sense to me why secret agents use "international importer" as a cover. It's because you need "Double -O" clearance to get anything done! 

But has this slowed me down? Hah!
Campaign medals for my Kickstarter . The first 40 backers get
the Fundedburg medal painted by yours truly.

I've been busily away working on the backer rewards as well as working on paint schemes and formulas for my Queen Victoria's Robot Wars armies.  Once I nail down the process, I'll do a step by step. Until then here's a few pieces and Works in Progress 
I primed this guy grey first. 20 minute paint job
Steel Rex . Red right returning.

Tomorrow the moon!
Hooked on "Cane" the elves are busy at work in my secret sweat-erm Laboratory.

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