Wooden Wars: Painted Steel Dragoons, Tesla Guns, and "Where does this plug go?"

“I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success... Such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.”                                                                                          ~NikolaTesla

 Steel Dragoons: Built and Painted
Here is a built and unpainted example of the Steel Dragoon heavy cavalry for my Wooden Wars: Queen Victoria's Robot Wars expansion.  The dino is really thick and stout, and the rider has two arm variations and the option of a full face mask.
Queen Victoria's Steel Dragoons

Since he is using his sword, I cut the hilt off the scabbard.

I've painted up these based upon the 17th lancers.  The dragoons steer the dino via lever controls on the saddle, which basically guide the head in the direction needed.  Steel Dragoons, being heavy cavalry, count as two attacks (automatic hits) in the first round of melee if they charge.  This means that they can tear up a unit if they make contact. 
Steel Dragoon using his Tesla carbine and full environment mask.

Side view shows control and steering levers

Steel Dragoon using heavy sabre.

This rider fits very well on the Wooden Wars horses too.

Here is a view with three different stages of painting on the dino.  The middle one is blocked in, having been primed grey first, then using Golden brand shading grey airbrush paint (albeit hand painted on) then white to get the form in.  I blocked in the saddle first before gluing it on. I'm really happy that these guys have that "riding a camel" silhouette from the height of the saddle. 
A progression shot. Also shows how you can swivel the head.

Charge up the Tesla gun! 

Tesla cannon. Note cooling holes in upper barrel.

The business end.

Top down. I really wanted the gun to have a unique silhouette.

Units of Steel Dragoons and hordes of robots giving you trouble?  Try our new Tesla industries rapid-fire gun.  We are still playtesting these here at the Fossling Proving Grounds,  but I think the rule will be that you can either fire one ball per gun (like standard cannon) or "power up" the gun to fire up to 3 balls. That means a battery of 3 Tesla guns could potentially fire 9 balls in a turn.  Now, if this happens of course, the poor crew are going to have take some pretty steep dodge ball saves, but I wouldn't let that get in the way of progress and mass mayhem. Did you see the size of those Steel Dragoons??
Former testers of the Tesla gun at full charge...
More Laser Fun!
Assembling my laser cutting machine brings me back the days when I replaced a carburetor on my old Chevy Vega three speed. It came in a box, and you have to kind of figure the placement out by lining up the bolts and the tube lengths to determine which way thing fits. I'm not kidding you. The manuals sent to me had a line schematic, that's all. After some back and forth with the manufacturer, with me sending pics of "is this right?"  they finally sent me a PDF with images. I suggested, in my best nurturing manager voice (via text), that they ought to perhaps include that on the CD they send with the machine...I'm just sayin'.

220 plug- hubba wha???

Maybe it gets cable? 

So after all that, things went pretty well, until I start looking for the power plug that is. Again with the back and forth, and they show me which of the many wires it is. I've never in my entire life seen such a plug.  I've sent pics to my Electrician friends in hopes that they can suss the best way to convert this.  
Official manual picture. Yes, yes that is a rubber band holing the laser in place...
So, in a nutshell- lots of progress, really.  By the week end I am hoping to start it up. Might want to keep an eye on the 10:00 news around that time...

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