Wooden Wars: Of Sugar Plums and Beautiful Books

“..Now bring us some figgy pudding...”                                                                                          
 ~ Someone who has never actually tasted figgy pudding...

 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
No matter how you celebrate and share love with friends and family, I raise my cup of good cheer to you (this one currently has marshmallows floating atop), and wish you happiness, good fortune... and confusion to your enemies!

I am grateful for your continued support and friendship throughout the campaigns of 2012, and look forward to 2013 and its adventures, knowing you have my flanks!
I remain, your most humble and obd't toy maker
Thomas Foss

P.S. What Santa brought me!
My wife calls this my "Nappy Porn"
After dropping as many hints (and bookmarking pages on a certain elf's computers)  I am happy to say that Santa brought me exactly what I wanted for Christmas: this beautiful reference book of French Napoleonic uniforms and battle tackle from the Brunon collection.  What a treasure trove of photographs of uniforms from all angles. Great for my Wooden Wars soldiers as color reference as well as how that odd buckle or trim actually works.! 


Pages and pages of cool! I'm keen on doing a Dragoon next for
Wooden Wars.

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